Hey Adobe, Take Your Marketing Cloud and Elevate It.

Hey Adobe, Take Your Marketing Cloud and Elevate It.

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The right words change everything.
See how Persado AI can take Adobe to new heights.

Persado’s revolutionary Message Machine leverages the world’s most comprehensive marketing language knowledge base of over one million words and phrases, powered by AI and data science. Persado unlocks the power of words to engage consumers like never before, one by one, moment by moment, across every marketing channel, driving improvements in brand engagement and revenue performance.

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Unlock the Power of Words.

By combining words with data, Persado breaks down digital marketing creative into six key elements and then runs experiments on thousands of potential message combinations to generate the best-performing content to speak to each customer across their entire journey. Have the confidence that your digital marketing is fully optimized for brand engagement and revenue performance. Get full creative accountability with Persado.

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Top brands trust us to drive results.

Hotels.com and charity: water use Persado’s AI platform to gain invaluable insights into their customers and win every digital marketing moment. Hear how they do it:

The Write Stuff: How CMOs Can Use AI To Develop Data-Driven Marketing Creative

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