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People Spotlight: Meet Persado Customer Success Senior Director, Torq!

Persado has a dynamic global team committed to help revolutionize marketing — and have fun while doing it! Hear from Torq, a Persado customer success senior director, on what it’s like to work at Persado. 

What’s your role and how long have you been a Persadoan?

Sr. Director, Customer Success for about a year and a half

What’s the best thing about your role?

The best thing about my role is actually having the ability to focus on my job and not have to worry about other teams doing theirs. That may seem like a strange “best thing,” but I’ve been at other companies that don’t have the right team structure in place, and I’ve had to pick up the slack for other groups or stay on top of people who didn’t work for me. Persado really spends a lot of time creating the right mix of teams that create efficiencies and allow us to do what we are here to do.

What has been the most important or interesting thing you’ve worked on at Persado?

I was lucky enough to work on one of the largest programs in the history of the company. It was great to be part of something that had a significant impact to everyone around me. At the same time, it also showed me how much our clients value the product that we deliver and how much it means to their business. The whole company really rallied around and supported us through the effort.

What’s your favorite thing about Persado?

My favorite thing about Persado is the incredibly positive working environment. This is a combination of the work ethic, culture, general attitude and great work-life balance. Persado is a great group of highly motivated intelligent people who come to work every day to get it done. If you need to work from home — it’s fine. If you need a day off — that’s cool too. If there is a big project that a co-worker is working on, maybe they need your help. There is a great sense of working together that makes it very enjoyable to be here.

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