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Marks & Spencer leverages AI to drive hundreds of millions in revenue with personalisation program


A partnership between the iconic British retailer and Persado introduced personalised language to motivate customers and deepen engagement in digital campaigns. Now the two are unearthing new strategic insights across channels.


The iconic British retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) has a reputation for connecting with customers in-store on deeply personal levels. M&S needed to translate that reputation to its growing digital channels.

M&S set ambitious personalization targets and searched for a partner that could understand both what motivates customers and how to translate that into messages. In 2019, M&S found that partner in Persado. The two companies collaborated on website and email campaigns to drive greater customer engagement, increase loyalty customers, and grow incremental orders.

M&S Uses Persado to:

Download the case study to learn more about how Marks & Spencer used Persado to unlock greater loyalty and engagement across channels.