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Leading Online Audiobook Store Increased Trial Sign-Ups by 22%


The largest audiobook producer in the U.S. wanted to increase sign-ups for a 30-day free trial through its website. Free trials are the linchpin of their customer acquisition strategy, but sign-up rates had been stagnant. 

Since A/B tests only moved the needle so much, they needed a scalable solution that would produce deeper customer insights and drive massive improvements in converting site visits to trial subscriptions.


After signing on for a three-month pilot, the audiobook retailer began using Persado’s AI to analyze messaging elements across multiple channels, starting with web pages. Persado tested headlines, emotions, CTAs, descriptions, formatting, images, and positioning — 2,048 permutations in all — to pinpoint the winning mix that compels users to sign up for a free trial.

Persado experiments found that headlines account for 17% of overall performance, and language that evokes Curiosity drives the greatest engagement. Surprisingly, benefit descriptions do not significantly impact performance. Neither do changes in formatting, images, or the order of elements. The CTA impacts engagement the most, by nearly 70%: “Continue” drives the most sign-ups. 

A single testing cycle with Persado generated insights that would otherwise take over a year to complete, says the brand’s senior marketing manager. More importantly, experiments produced dramatic lifts in engagement and conversions.