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RappiPay Generates 179% Uplift in Conversion Rates Through Strategic Partnership with Persado


RappiPay is a digital-first financial services business, which enables them to think differently about their customers and how they want to engage. RappiPay knew they could offer a life-changing opportunity to customers worried about the pitfalls of traditional credit cards: a new credit card, one that could solve not just RappiPay user problems, but transform the way financial services are delivered across Latin America.


RappiPay turned to Persado to cut through a noisy marketplace, reasoning that AI and machine learning would be the best way to quickly understand what content resonated with customers and drive more engagement. The two companies worked together to launch RappiCard, a new product, using AI-generated content and language personalization.

RappiPay leverages Persado to:

  • Pinpoint the messages that engaged customers, avoiding inefficiency and subjectivity
  • Generate highly effective personalized language across channels and at scale
  • Smash their goals with 250,000 new cardholders in the first six months
  • Get triple-digit lift in conversions and actionable insights for future campaigns.

Download the case study to learn even more about RappiPay’s experience with Persado and what this category disruptor will be building next—think activating first-party data to create even more engaging customer experiences.