Persado delivers massive enterprise-wide marketing results for JPMorgan Chase using AI to develop marketing creative in a radically different way.

Proven performance that grows the business.

JPMorgan Chase partners with Persado to transform how marketing creative is generated and drive meaningful engagement with millions of customers. Since 2016 Persado has proven that its AI solution can deliver double and triple-digit performance improvements across business units and marketing channels at the speed and scale enterprise clients require.

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Machine learning is the path to more humanity in marketing.

Kristin Lemkau 
CMO of JPMorgan Chase

Marketing that’s more human.

Persado’s advanced AI and machine learning platform empowers marketers to add more humanity throughout the entire customer lifecycle, across all channels and every business unit using its unique marketing language knowledgebase of more than one million tagged and scored words and phrases.

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Enterprise-grade, Fortune 500 tested.

Chase is going all-in with AI and machine learning to generate data-driven creative that drives unheard-of brand engagement and performance. Persado’s approach is a revolutionary new way to think about creating and delivering personal marketing creative at scale that delivers concrete results.

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We founded Persado to disrupt choice of words by utilizing AI, machine learning and data at the enterprise level.

Alex Vratskides
Co-founder and CEO of Persado

We put Persado to the test in various channels, products and services and are highly impressed with the results.

Abeer Bathia
Head of Marketing Growth and Innovation,
Chase Card Services

Multichannel and more.

Chase pressure tested the Persado platform across landing pages, direct mail, display and social ads and saw up to a 450% lift in click-through rates on ads rendered by Persado. The Chase team is expanding the partnership beyond marketing to internal communications and customer service so Persado impacts every marketing message that matters.

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Insights that drive marketing-fueled growth

How Charity: water used AI-powered insights to find the right message and unlock significant growth.

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