Language that performs better, with insights to understand why.

From AI language-generation methods to insights that drive the strategy of your marketing communication programs, the Persado’s Motivation AI platform offers robust features and capabilities to engage your customers!


Accelerate growth and personalize language at scale with Motivation AI.

It’s one thing to generate content. It’s another to be able to scale personalized language across touchpoints, channels, and customer segments. Persado is the only platform that can generate on-brand, personalized language so you can achieve the growth the organization needs.

“One size fits most experiences” won’t cut it anymore: customers expect you to know what they need and deliver it. Language personalization uncovers what resonates with every customer in an individual way, to motivate and inspire action across every touchpoint in a customer journey.


Maximize performance with minimal effort.

Predictive language is designed to maximize performance based on millions of data points with few variants placed in-market. This approach enables marketers to take advantage of machine learning to bring Persado content to market faster. The result of this is a fast and easy way to use Generative AI content and still achieve a performance uplift.


Understand which words, emotions, and narratives motivate your audiences.

With aggregate, predictive and experiment-level reports, you can clearly see key metrics like opens, clicks, impressions, response rate, incremental revenue, or cost savings. Enriched reports reveal the top-performing words and phrases that empower your teams to make data-driven decisions.

Keep a finger on the pulse of your marketing efforts with aggregate performance and campaign consumption reporting, then, drill down for unprecedented granularity.



Generate, collaborate, and ideate all in one place.

The platform enables you with full visibility into every campaign, and your return on investment begins with the first campaign. You get an intuitive interface with seamless navigation to any submission, deployment, experiment, or campaign.

Users are equipped with collaboration tools for expedited content turnaround. Eliminate bottlenecks and foster collaboration with the ability to comment on specific touchpoints, and augment your workflow with AI-powered self-service capabilities for real-time content generation.

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