Les mots comptent, plus que jamais. Pour vous aider à communiquer efficacement avec vos clients en cette période sans précédent, nous avons mis en place un centre de ressources qui propose des idées et des points de vue fondés sur des données concernant le langage et la communication. Cliquez sur le bouton pour en savoir plus et nous contacter – nous sommes à votre écoute.

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COVID-19 and the communication journey ahead

First and foremost, the COVID-19 outbreak is a human crisis, and that should be a first-order principle guiding all messaging. The outbreak is a fast-changing and dynamic situation and people are looking to the sources they trust for information. Your customers’ experiences with your brand matters more than ever. The language you use can reinforce trust or erode it. To help you navigate the journey ahead, we’re providing resources to help you connect with customers, employees and all stakeholders.

Start here with our 5 principles for communicating with your customers during the Covid-19 crisis.

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COVID-19: Communicating With Your Customers During a Crisis

In this webinar, we discuss ideas and insights on what you and your brand can do now to effectively communicate with your customers.

Briefs and Guides

Featured Guide

5 Principles For Communicating With Your
Customers During the Covid-19 Crisis.

Below are five key communication principles derived from our content intelligence and language analysis to help guide your communication efforts.

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Communications Framework for Financial Services

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Communications Framework for Retail

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Communications Framework for Health Insurance

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Communications Framework for Telecommunications

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