It’s in our DNA

Persado was founded on 12/12/12, and as maths nerds, we think that fact is pretty cool. Just as we geek out about data, we have a deep appreciation for the power of language.
Persado is reinventing digital marketing creative by applying mathematical certainty to words, the foundational DNA of marketing.
Our company is made up of everyone from Maths Olympians to pioneers in natural language processing to some of the world’s foremost experts in data science. And that is only half of who we are. We are also comprised of leading linguistic specialists, marketing experts, talented translators and more, all working together to help companies globally win every digital marketing moment.


Alex Vratskides

Co-Founder and CEO

Assaf Baciu

Co-Founder, SVP Product & Engineering

Alex Protopapas

Chief Content Officer, Head of Marketing and Innovation

Allison Griggs Lee

Chief People Officer

Panagiotis Angelopoulos, PHD

Chief Data Scientist

Our Board

Our investors and board members come from a variety of backgrounds but have a key characteristic in common:
they’ve each built meaningful companies that have changed the world.

Alex Vratskides

Co-Founder and CEO



Conca del Naviglio 18
Milano, 20123


15 Sloane Square, 5th Floor
London, SW1W 8ER
+44 (0) 203 789 2890


Marinou Antypa 41-45
Neo Irakleio, 141 21
+30 210 270 8800


Via Jacopo Sannazzaro 6-8
Rome, 00141
+39 06 88937062


401 N May St
Chicago, IL 60642

San Francisco

100 Pine Street, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94111
+1 415-872-4947

New York

11 East 26th St
New York, NY 10010
+1 (646) 678-3400

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the foundational DNA of marketing.

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