How It Works

Go from guesswork to science.

Natural Language Generation

Our AI-powered message machine understands language and breaks down marketing creative into its critical elements: narrative, emotion, descriptions, calls-to-action, formatting, and word positioning.

The machine applies its understanding of language to a marketing brief from your team, creating the best message to speak to your customers in your brand’s voice across all channels. Every word makes the right emotional appeal with Persado’s AI-powered knowledge base of more than 1 million tagged and scored words, phrases, and images in 25 languages.

True AI that Continuously Learns

Persado’s machine learns with every campaign, improving and evolving its language knowledge base, and generating valuable data-based insights into how different language elements resonate with different audiences. Persado continuously generates new insights into both brand and audience, empowering brands with rich analytics on what content connects best with their customers.

Immediate Impact

Persado’s barrier-free, plug and play approach allows marketers to get started immediately with any or all digital channels and experience significant and dramatic results in days, multiplying impact, and avoiding the massive data integration hurdles typical of other AI projects.

Cutting Edge Research

Persado’s patented technology is the result of six years of proprietary research into linguistic science and emotions, as well as decades of collective expertise and experience from Persado’s world-class team of data scientists, linguists and engineers.

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