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Unlock the Power of Words

By combining words with data, Persado breaks down marketing creative into six key elements and then runs experiments on thousands of potential message combinations to generate the best-performing content to speak to each customer across their entire journey. Have the confidence that your digital marketing is fully optimised for brand engagement and revenue performance. Get full creative accountability with Persado.

Get marketing solutions to your toughest business challenges with Persado Analytics

Persado Analytics provides CMOs access to industry-leading, holistic and unmatched insights on how and why specific words and phrases impact marketing campaign performance. CMOs can finally have the confidence that their creative is data-driven and is 100% accountable for delivering results.

Make an Immediate Impact on Revenue

Persado’s barrier-free, plug and play approach fits into your existing marketing infrastructure, and avoids the massive data integration hurdles typical of other AI projects, allowing marketers to make an immediate impact.

See How It Works

“Creating engaging, personalised customer experiences is no longer an option for marketers — it’s a necessity. Persado’s language generation capabilities are truly one of a kind and have helped us better connect with our audiences.”

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft

Win every moment of the customer journey

Every digital encounter with a consumer is an opportunity. What if you knew exactly what to say to each person across every digital touchpoint? Over 250 of the world’s most valuable brands use the Persado Message Machine to win every moment and benefit from a multiplier effect in brand engagement and revenue performance.

Powerful Enterprise Features & Flexibility

    • Generate AI-driven creative in 25 languages
    • Maximum performance across any channel
    • Emotional language personalisation
    • Customisable reporting for stakeholders
    • AI that learns your brand voice
    • Custom integrations with any marketing platform

    • Higher engagement metrics on marketing campaigns
    • Easy content & style customisation
    • Instant text & image generation for paid social ads
    • Engagement metrics on Facebook & Instagram campaigns
    • Emotional insights & response data
    • Ad sets reporting & ad management

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Persado can empower your company to unlock the power of words,
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