3 Companies Paving the Way for Machine Intelligence Technology in Marketing

Earlier this year, independent analyst David Raab spoke at the MarTech Conference In San Francisco on How Machine Intelligence Will Really Change Marketing – How to Market With Smart Machines Without Ensuring the Destruction of Mankind or Losing Your Job.

Raab begins his presentation by reassuring attendees no matter how sophisticated select forms of artificial intelligence may seem, none are hell bent on taking human jobs. In fact, they’re far from it – even the most mature machine is dependent on a human to call the shots in the end.

In his presentation, Raab highlights three companies paving the way for machine intelligence in the marketing technology industry.


Raab mentions Persado in his overview of auto-generated campaign technologies, providing details around how the company’s cognitive content platform writes smart headlines based on its database of the best performing language. Persado’s machine learns from each interaction and resulting impression, informing future efforts down the line. What Persado does is “very, very interesting,” Raab notes, because they “figure out campaigns on the fly…..taking things that marketers have always done and [doing] it for them.”


Quid reads hundreds of thousands of articles a day, deftly analyzing and classifying them as it goes. The results are packaged up to form the “world’s collective intelligence” as a brilliantly colored web that illustrates what the world is talking about at any given moment. Quid beautifies the complicated and makes complex topics approachable by producing tangible illustrations. Ask Quid a question – i.e. what does the public narrative around AirBnB look like? and it presents 15+ colored clusters each representing a different topic: sky blue is legal issues and regulations; fuschia is corporate travel; teal is unicorn startup. Using proprietary text processing algorithms that embrace NLP and artificial intelligence, Quid draws connections between big ideas for its clients that include marketing departments, political organizations, and advertising and PR agencies.

Image courtesy of Quid


Paxata is all about you – it’s an enterprise-grade solution that’s purpose lies in interactive self-service data preparation. The provider steps away from traditional ETL processes and instead utilizes a Hadoop-based platform that allows for data preparation at scale. Paxata works by evaluating the data in your database to decide the best method to proceed with integration. It suggests which fields should be matched up with other fields to allow for the smoothest and most effective transition. Working for clients such as Cisco, Dannon, K2 Intelligence, and JPMorgan Chase & Co., Paxata aids to build customer databases which in turn rid the process of bottlenecks.

Image courtesy of Paxata

All three companies demonstrate technology’s ability to enhance marketing efforts by harnessing the power of machine intelligence. As Raab points out, these identified technologies remove traditional operational bottlenecks in areas like building a database and generating content, therefore paving the way to smoother execution, better intelligence and enhanced experiences for your customers.