3 Things We’re Thankful For in Marketing

Though many marketers are in the middle of the most wonderful (busiest) time of the year, Thanksgiving offers a chance to breathe, reflect and think about the good in our lives and careers. There’s plenty to be thankful for in marketing. The Persado team is particularly grateful for three.

Better Data and More Meaningful Insights

A simple A/B test only gives marketers a read on which of two options consumers respond best to — and it may not even be the best way to speak to them. Done properly, A/B testing actually takes years to teach companies about their consumers. As AI technologies have evolved, they have allowed marketers to learn more about their consumers out of a few campaigns than years of A/B testing.  

Ability to Speak to Customers in the Language Connects With Them

In a store, a sales associate can get a read on a customer — he doesn’t want to be rushed, is excited about the birth of his first baby and wants to find the perfect holiday gift. It’s harder to do that online and marketers frequently have email subject lines and paid media ads that urge customers to “Buy now!” because “These great deals won’t last!” That consumer who wants to take his time to find the perfect gift? Totally turned off. The good news is that it’s by no means impossible to speak your consumers’ language. AI allows you to personalize emails and ads in a way that makes them feel more like a recommendation from a good friend than a used car salesperson.

Uplifting Results

Persado analysis has found that emotional language accounts for as much as 60% of audience response. That means more opens, click thoughts and yes, the all-important revenue. At Persado, we’re grateful to have seen these results first hand. A retail/e-commerce client worked with Persado on an email campaign. Machine learning took an original subject line of “Did you see your code for FREE shipping?” and generated “Announcement: we’re giving away a code for FREE SHIPPING (expires soon)” instead. The result? An 111% increase in revenue.

And take one of the world’s most prominent media companies, who was looking to increase subscribers via Facebook ads. Persado’s testing found the image (a couple on a couch in front of a fireplace) had a 181.18% better conversion rate than one of a plate of food and the brand’s food section.

Make the end of 2017 just as uplifting. Persado’s free demo can help you learn how to better use emotions to reach consumers.

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