A Marketer’s Guide to Making Informed Investments in AI, Automation

Leading global research and advisory firm, Forrester Research, Inc., has released the latest TechRadar™, a series of reports trusted among business leaders as barometers of innovation. As automation continues to touch both the B2B and B2C space, TechRadar™: Automation Technologies, Robotics, And AI In The Workforce has relevance across industries and roles. For marketing and customer experience leaders in particular, there are valuable insights for when they, too, “face the entirely new challenge of implementing and managing a mixed human/machine workforce.”

Published June 26, 2017, and authored by analyst J. P. Gownder, the report assesses and positions 12 technologies according to their ecosystem maturity, business value-add, adjusted for uncertainty and future trajectory. Some of the more relevant takeaways for our readers, include:

  • Automation will displace or eliminate jobs, but new ones will be created as well. “By 2027, automation will destroy 17% of US jobs but will also create 10%…” These technologies have a real opportunity transform existing jobs as well, by appropriating routine tasks or ones that were heretofore humanly impossible.
  • Enterprises are legitimately adopting AI technologies, with “41% now saying they are implementing, have implemented, or are expanding implementations of cognitive and AI tools.”
  • The time to create a strategic plan for a hybrid man-and-machine workforce is now. “The road to success with a technology like AI is a long one; it can take 18 months just to train an artificially intelligent solution…”

The report covers three types of AI, ones that either “sense,” “think,” or “act.” Among the mentioned technologies are Deepomatic, a visual search engine with image recognition systems that mimic human sensory activities; Deep Instinct, a cybersecurity service that applies deep learning to real-time protection; and Persado, which develops marketing content for major global brands using machine learning. The report classifies Persado as “Executable AI,” a category that includes AI technology like natural language generation. In particular,

“Persado uses cognitive computing algorithms to generate precise words and phrases in marketing copy and conducts massive, multifaceted A/B testing to learn in real time whether marketing messages resonate with customers.”

Drawing from the world’s largest database of tagged marketing language and images, Persado’s AI-powered platform designs messages that emotionally engage any audience, across all channels (email subject line & body, SMS, notifications, landing pages, and display) and throughout the customer lifecycle. The company works across multiple industries with 100+ brands including Fortune 500 companies.

To access more insights from Forrester on automation technologies, robotics, and AI, be sure to check out the full report (free with Forrester subscription).