After Party: 5 Major Insights From Marketing Optimization Week

In an op-ed for Forbes, Oracle Senior Vice President of Product Development Reggie Bradford said 2018 was poised to be a year of reckoning for marketers. Having a multi-channel digital presence is no longer a “nice to have” for brands, it’s a must. Customers expect personalization; they aren’t blown away when it happens. AI has gone from buzzword to mainstay. It’s created a perfect storm where the competition is fiercer, the products and platforms are aplenty and digital marketing gurus are a dime a dozen. But consistent performance uplifts aren’t so easy to gain, even when using AI-powered platforms that provide detailed insights. Persado Co-Founder and SVP of Product & Engineering Assaf Baciu shared insights on how marketers can future-proof their marketing and optimize existing channels at Marketing Optimization Week.

Speak Face-to-Face Online

ai insightsThough he works in the digital sphere, Baciu freely admits that the best way to communicate is face-to-face. “You can use words and phrases…to inspire,” he said. “And if you don’t [inspire], you can use cues to adjust what you are saying.” An in-store sales rep can learn about a person before she even walks in the door to look at a new pair of shoes. How she’s dressed, how she’s walking, and the look on her face all give the rep an idea of what she is like. Does she walk in wearing a pantsuit with perfectly manicured nails, calmly giving orders to her assistant? She may be a high achiever and respond well to, “These shoes are designed with a one-of-a-kind technology that literally makes you feel like you’re running on air. Let me show you them, you deserve it!” If that doesn’t resonate, the rep can change course. However, it’s difficult to read a customer online. Technologies like Persado collects insights using an AI platform, which pick up cues from past and present customer behavior to deliver the precise words, phrases and emotions that will inspire customer action.

Tick Tock

ai insightsGoldfish have nine-second attention spans. Online, so do we: brands have only five to eight seconds to engage a customer. And CMOs often want the same results online as they do with face-to-face interactions. “That’s a very hard problem to solve,” Baciu said. The pressure to succeed can lead marketers to use phrases they think are attention grabbing like “SALE ENDS TUESDAY!” But those types of phrases reek of Urgency, which is one of the worst performing emotions (Do you like being told to shop on a deadline?). Baciu said he’s seen instances where marketers lose 400% in engagement because they did not use words that resonated.  

The Marketing Language Cloud is Like an Over-Achieving Dictionary

At Persado, we’ve recently gotten into some fierce inner-company Scrabble competitions (no one has been physically harmed, in case you were worried). Anyone who has played the game before knows the objective: consistently find the best combinations of letters, earn the most points and win office bragging rights for the day. Now imagine you’re going based off your hunches and your opponent has a dictionary. Not fair, right? He’ll have a much greater chance of finding the best way to use “G” “O” “L” “W” “R” “H” ”E”? (there are 74) than you. “By using a machine, you can get up to a 71% uplift in your Scrabble score by choosing the right words,” Baciu said.  In marketing, the potential uplift can be in the triple digits.

What People Really Want to See In Your Subject Lines

ai insightsBaciu noted that words used to convey emotions drive 60% of action on most channels. “That means picking the right words like “We picked you!” (Exclusivity) and “You deserve this” (Achievement) is the most important part of a message. It’s even more important than the product description or sale.” Machines take personal biases out of it and make data-driven suggestions for audiences It’s not just subject lines though  — you can learn how to talk to a customer across all platforms at any time. You can do it with Persado now and Baciu sees more of it to come in future.

Will AI Replace Marketers Any Time Soon?

“No, it won’t,” said a blunt Baciu. “There are more bank tellers and ATMs than there were before ATMs. ATMs didn’t kill bank tellers and AI will not kill marketeers.” Baciu predicts data and AI driven insights will make marketers better.