Why Should I Use Next-Gen Marketing Automation Software?

AI marketing automation software benefits

In an era where marketers are asked to do more with less, marketing automation software has become an essential tool. In its simplest form, it handles tasks like sending emails and texts to consumers. But the software has rapidly evolved past basic automation to provide marketing teams with key insights and better customer experiences. Marketers looking to convince bosses to buy into the latest iteration of MarTech can show their bosses these top three benefits of marketing automation software and AI. 

Marketing Automation Software Frees Up Time

Put simply, marketing automation software streamlines processes, including scheduling emails and social posts. Marketers can set “rules” for paid ads, such as a cap on daily or lifetime spend. Almost every team has some version of this these days, and social platforms give marketers the opportunity to make rules and set goals. But in recent years, AI has taken marketing automation software to the next-level.  Email service providers, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Cheetah Digital and Oracle + Bronto, among others, seamlessly sync with Persado’s AI-driven platform, allowing joint clients to generate email subject lines that resonate with any audience, segment or individual.  

Marketing Automation Software Provides Audience Insights

Marketing automation software isn’t just transactional — it can help you transform future campaigns by unearthing new information about an audience. You’ll be able to test and see which emails get opened and what types of words and phrases prompt customers to click through. When connected with AI, you can see more than just the highs and lows of open, click-throughs and conversions a typical marketing automation software will show. You can see what emotional language and even emojis customers best respond to and leverage that to improve your campaigns (while continually testing other options!). 

Marketing Automation Software Helps Manage Customer Lifecycles

By gleaning the insights mentioned above, you can use marketing automation software to appeal to consumers at every stage of the funnel. Because of data, you’ll know how to reach a consumer best after they abandon a cart and how to re-engage someone who hasn’t purchased anything in a while. This language could look different than the one your brand uses to hook new consumers. By speaking to consumers the way they want to be spoken to and emotionally connect with them, you’ll be able to retain them, thereby increasing their lifetime value.