After Party: 5 Takeaways from Humanising AI: Build Customer-Centric Marketing

Don’t believe the rumors — integrating technology and automation into a marketing program isn’t going to make your brand sound less human. It’s actually quite the opposite. Brands across the world are using AI platforms like Persado to create more personalized, relevant, emotional and rewarding experiences for consumers.

And Email Service Providers like Oracle + Bronto are making it easy for brands to work with Persado’s technology by integrating it directly into their platforms. Now, with the click of a button, users can predict the results from their subject line and get suggestions on optimization. On Wednesday, Persado and Oracle + Bronto teamed up again to give UK marketers tips on how to maximise customer responses.

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Batch-and-Blasts Aren’t Such a Blast

Marketers are often pressured by the powers that be to send a massive email blast to a brand’s entire list. But Karolina Michalak, Oracle + Bronto’s partnerships manager, noted that the deliveries, opens, clicks and conversions typically range from sub-par to terrible. “You assume everyone is the same,” Michalak said.

Instead, she suggested segmenting the database and creating more personalized messages. Promote different products to consumers based on their prior purchasing histories and experiment with different types of subject lines. “The more you tailor, the better your metrics,” she said, adding that time on site, page views and conversions are higher when brands use this strategy as opposed to the batch-and-blasts. If the struggle to prevent this is real, get tips on how to talk the higher-ups down here.

What do Consumers Want?

ai platform persado oracle brontoThere’s no straight answer to this one. Each consumer has different preferences, locations and browsing histories. Michalak still notices brands send consumers promotions for articles of clothing they have already purchased or items that are already sold out. It makes the recipient wonder, “Do you know me — or your inventory — at all?”

“You need to make customers feel appreciated,” Michalak said. And it doesn’t have to be monetary. Michalak suggested inviting loyal customers to a special event or for off-hours shopping. Other favorites include advice on previous purchases and best practices. It may not be salesy, but it makes a brand useful and like a trusted friend.  

Predictive Content is the Next Step in Personalization

ai platform persado oracle brontoMarketers spend so much time on mapping out a campaign strategy. But it’s hard to know whether the language is the best it can possibly be. Persado Account Executive Alyssa Marusarz suggested thinking of marketing as a game of scrabble between two people: one person is going based off his own personal knowledge, the other has a handful of dictionaries in her back pocket. How is the guy supposed to win when his opponent has every possible word at her fingertips? It makes the game unfair. But marketing isn’t a game. KPIs matter.

That’s where AI platforms like Persado’s Marketing Language Cloud comes in. It uses AI-generated language that resonates most with any audience, segment or individual and opens up marketers’ vocabularies and abilities to explore and test language they have not have considered.

Get Emotional

Emotions contribute to 60% of response variance. “No matter how loyal your customers are, how massive your sale is or how interesting your newsletter content is, it’s about making a connection that’s going to cut through the noise in your inbox,” Marusarz said.

Often, brands fall back on urgency-driven promotions like “LAST CHANCE FOR 50% OFF!” The time constraint may make the email feel like a must-open, but Marusarz noted that when consumers see the same type of message constantly, it loses its impact. Persado research has proven time and time again that urgency is one of the most overused and ineffective emotions.

Digital marketing is at its best when brands can create an in-store experience on a computer screen. If you were an in-store sales rep, would you scream that at a customer trying to pick out something to wear on her first day at a new job? Or would you say, “You deserve this!”? The latter evokes a sense of achievement, which is more relatable for someone who just moved up the career ladder.

Location, Location, Location

During the webinar, Marusarz gave an important insight for global brands: Certain regions respond better to specific emotions than others, according to a Persado study of more than 3,500 emails across the UK, U.S. and EU. UK consumers engaged most with email subject lines that evoked Anxiety and Guilt, while the U.S. preferred Achievement and Anxiety. The EU best responded to subject lines that used Gratification and Gratitude. One important note: These provide a good baseline, but it’s important for brands to remember their consumers may fall outside this box.

Miss the webinar? Watch on demand using the video above and join Persado, Oracle + Bronto and Lulu Press for a U.S. webinar Wednesday, Feb. 14 at 1 p.m. ET/ 10 a.m. PT. Reserve your opportunity to get more incredible insights.