Analysis of Best Subject Lines Reveals Secret to Marketing Success

best subject lines

The rumors are true: The best subject lines in email marketing make British feel anxious, give Americans a sense of achievement and gratify Europeans. If that sounds like gut-feeling and stereotypical analysis: It isn’t. A Persado study of more than 3,500 emails produced the numbers to prove it.

To perform the study, Persado looked at emails sent by the likes of British Airways, Gap and Dell across the UK, U.S. and Europe to understand which emotions most engaged consumers. The results were shockingly…stereotypical. UK consumers reacted more to messages that evoked anxiety or guilt. Achievement and anxiety proved to be the best subject line emotions for Americans and Europeans engaged with language that offered gratification and gratitude.

“These data points lay bare the fact that there is more than an element of truth in some of the broader stereotypes associated with consumers across the UK, USA and Europe,” said Assaf Baciu, Persado Co-Founder and SVP Product & Engineering, Persado.

It isn’t yet clear how these emotions are influenced by ongoing events in each nation – for instance, whether Brexit has made the British more receptive to anxiety; whether the Trump presidency makes Americans want to feel a sense of achievement; and whether events elsewhere make Europeans feel happier with their lot.

Last Word

Though these results should give marketers an idea of what consumers respond to based on geography, they still may vary. “Of course, while this should prove useful at a top level, it doesn’t tell the whole story,” Baciu said. “Marketers should look to put themselves in a position to share a message that resonates not just by country, region or town, but on an individual basis. Ultimately, the better marketers can engage with every customer, the more successful they will be.”

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