Persado Props: Best Email Subject Lines We've Seen Lately


We can never say this enough: Language matters. And the emotions conveyed by that language matter. And when it comes to email marketing — when a subject line can decide whether a consumer opens or trashes a message — it’s vital to get the language right. Persado’s Marketing Language Cloud, using AI, can generate the precise language and emotions to engage consumers. For inspiration, we asked Persado’s Head of Campaign Management Kat Dessenon to share some of the best email subject lines of 2017.




“Eeek- 80% off cruises (& more) ends at midnight!”

“’Eeek’ is very attention-grabbing yet colloquial phrase and effectively alerts the recipient that the sale on very highly discounted cruises will be over soon,” Dessenon said. Consider it an anxiety phrase that pairs perfectly with the urgency of “ends at midnight.”




“[brand] invites you to be part of our inner circle”

This brand looking to increase its email list made consumers feel special and important with an exclusivity-based subject line to give potential members a taste of VIP treatment. “It conveys the sense of belonging to a very elite group and getting privileges that others won’t get,” Dessenon said.

“FOUND: Your statement coat of the season”

Dessenon commended the use of FOUND to evoke fascination. “[It] help[s] the recipient feel like the brand has solved a problem for him or her,” she noted. “The all-caps ‘FOUND’ catches the eye and also is a subtle play on ‘LOST’ posters.”

“We Heard You Love BRAND :  Yes No”

A great spin on browse abandon (when consumers look at items and don’t purchase or even put them in their cart) and excellent use of contextual emojis landed this retailer on Dessenon’s list of best email subject lines.  “Using excitement to cheekily communicate the fact that retailers are indeed stalking every move we make softens the Big Brother is Watching aspect of the email,” she said.


Programming School



“Acronyms are all the rage, especially in marketing!” Dessenon noted. This one, an advertisement for marketing courses at a programming school, is a standout. It uses repetition of typical programming school acronyms but surprises recipients at the end with an unexpected  “OMG.” “The subject line perfectly captures how overwhelming yet intriguing learning about these topics can be using the emotion of curiosity,” Dessenon said.


Make our list of best subject lines next year (or paid media and landing pages!). See how your brand can better use emotion and language to engage consumers with a complimentary demo of Persado’s technology.