Persado Props: The Best Landing Pages of 2017

Landing pages act like the front yard to a home. If it’s full of weeds, and garbage, visitors aren’t likely to stick around. But if the yard is pristinely kept with beautiful blooms, visitors are much more likely to have a positive reaction and want to linger. Same goes for landing pages. A streamlined, visually appealing page makes a welcome first impression and allows users to navigate a site with ease. At Persado, we use emotional language that inspires action to help brands’ landing pages take off. Solutions Consultant Grace Fisher, our resident landing page guru who helps leading brands perfect their sites, unveiled her list of the best landing pages of 2017. And since even the best can get better, Fisher offered some tips on how these brands can improve in 2018.

Airbnb: Hosting Landing Page

This page doesn’t pull any punches — a prospective host’s earning potential is top of page. The number is also geo-targeted, which makes it relevant to the individual. Below it is a call to action (CTA) button: “Get started.”  “It’s important to not only have a CTA above the fold but also consistently available to the visitor as they scroll, so they can engage at any time in their session,” Fisher said. Airbnb executes this flawlessly. A sticky navigation highlighting a visitor’s potential earnings is right next to the CTA. But if that large number doesn’t sell the prospective immediately, Airbnb gives other reasons. Renters can select available dates, set house rules and have access to a community full of tips and tricks for success. The page also outlines the process for signing up in three steps. “They make it seem very easy and simple,” Fisher said. “One, two, three, get paid.” Other highlights include the company’s safety precautions for renters and guests, easy-to-find FAQs and impactful images that tell the story.

Emotions used: Safety, gratification and encouragement

Areas to improve: Having a sticky CTA is a good idea, but Fisher said the wording could be stronger, “Functional language, such as CTAs, tend to have significant contribution to response rate for landing pages,” she said. “Therefore, it is critical to ensure this language is relevant and inspires action in your visitors.” “Get started” is a common CTA across landing pages, particularly if the visitor will need to follow several steps to accomplish their goal. Functional language like a “Start earning” CTA would be more relevant to the content on the page, especially as the headline reads “Find out what you could earn.” Ensuring the CTAs are cohesive, relevant and value oriented is a great avenue to improve results.

Rent the Runway Homepage

best landing pages

This clothing rental website is a go-to for women who want to look stylish without making a permanent commitment. True to the brand, the landing page feels fashionable and fun. There are engaging videos, a 20% off incentive for first-time orders and social photos and testimonials sent in by real women wearing outfits they rented. These act as social proof, similar to reviews on Yelp or a celebrity endorsement of a product. “Studies have found that nearly 70% of consumers read and rely on reviews before making a purchase, so this stylish, magazine-like use of social proof can be very compelling for prospective users,” Fisher said. Rent the Runway uses a powerful subheader to introduce reasons to utilize the service: “The Renting Revolution is Here.” Underneath, the listed benefits include financial freedom, wardrobe flexibility and an FYI that Rent the Runway does the dry cleaning for renters (arguably the most important part!). The brand also gives three options and is transparent about the price of each.

Emotions used: Excitement

Areas to improve: Though the site is fun and fresh, Fisher said there is room to make some elements more engaging. “Find your look,” an exploration-oriented CTA located on the bottom of the page, will likely do well because it is on-brand and has some personalization (your). But observational CTAs, such as “see your look,” tend to perform better. The other CTAs on the page (“get started,” “learn more” and “browse now”) are used by many other brands and fall a bit flat.  

Wealthsimple Homepage

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Don’t expect the typical scroll-and-click experience when visiting this site for robo financial advisement company Wealthsimple. It boasts a distinctive design, allowing users to scroll through messages while a coin follows along. There are no distracting headers, but Wealthsimple does utilize an interactive feature informing visitors how much they can make with an initial deposit. Each message highlights key features, clearly states unique selling points and has a CTA button. Gamification, or the usage of game-style elements in a non-game context, is on the rise, and this is a good example of a way to engage visitors with more interactive landing pages.

Emotions used: Safety and intimacy

Areas to improve: Wealthsimple has gone for a very innovative page design that will likely be new for many consumers. With this comes the potential for confusion. Persado’s analysis has found that positioning, which relates to the placement of all the different components, has a statistically significant impact on KPIs such as conversions. “So it’s critical to ensure the page layout and navigation are clear for the consumer,” Fisher said. Wealthsimple includes a very small and brief flash of the down arrow key when the visitor lands on the page as a cue for navigation, but it’s easy to miss. Testing out different guides or tool tips to ensure the visitor can navigate the page in the best way would be useful, especially across devices and varying screen sizes.

Lemonade Homepage

best landing pages

This renters’ and homeowners’ insurance site has navigation options in the header, keeping visitors focused on what’s important. And when they come to the page, what’s important is loud and clear: “Forget Everything You Know About Insurance. Instant everything. Killer Prices. Big Heart.” Lemonade is clearly speaking the Millennial language, which is on-voice for its target demographic. The header is sticky, ensuring the visitor will always see the CTA (“Check our Prices”) in the window while scrolling. The site clearly lists its offering and prices, and a ticker with leading publication logos lend credence to the brand.

Emotions used: Excitement, anxiety and fascination

Areas for improvement: The page contains a ton of videos — something one would expect from a Millennial focused company — but Fisher cautions they can be distracting. Formatting, which relates to the stylistic or structural elements of the page such as videos and images, is an important element to maximize response rate, according to Persado analysis. “It’s critical to understand the engagement these videos are receiving, and the impact of removing them altogether, which could potentially be cost saving for page load as well as the marketing budget,” she noted.

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