Big News for Persado Go: Data Viz-a-Go-Go!

persado go updates

Text by BRADY EVAN WALKER | Design by Rachel Eunjin Kim

Persado Go, the world’s first self-service cognitive content platform, is getting a big facelift to make gathering and understanding the insight from your experiments easy and intuitive.

We first rolled out Persado Go in May 2015. Since then, we’ve made big updates on average once every 37 days, adding new features and improving the user experience based on customer feedback. Since its initial release, Persado Go users have seen a 16.43% lift in open rates, and our system is only getting better.

With new data visualization integrations, Persado Go clients can access advanced reporting, down to daily shifts in open, click-through, and conversion rates.

The visualization tools in the “Reports & Insights” section are customizable, with tons of filters (opens, clicks, conversions, messages, etc), making it easy to find the data you’re looking for. It’s easy to see what specific messaging elements are giving the biggest boost or which ones don’t quite resonate as you’d like.


Your Best and Worst Emotions:

  • See the performance trends for every emotion on an easy-to-read chart.
  • Easily find your highest and lowest performing emotions.
  • Visualize an aggregation of your most effective language across campaigns.

Message Construction:

  • Find the average message element contribution for each message.
  • See which element contributed what percentage lift to any Persado Go campaign.

Message Reporting:

  • Visualize performance of every message you’ve ever tested.
  • Filter out parameters to get the analysis you want. For instance, look at every message that uses Achievement to see their opens, clicks, and conversions.
  • Compare two different emails, subject lines, tags, time periods, or elements with a visualization of the difference in performance.

Learn the Language:

  • Get the best predicted words and phrases based on previous campaigns.
  • If you want to target a new audience with a specific emotion, you can quickly get new ideas from past experiments and select elements based on past high performers.
  • Find out which particular messages are working at particular times simply by looking at the data visualizations.


With these new tools, even if you choose to write your own message, you can eliminate your copywriting guesswork by quickly offering a point of reference for your most successful messaging. If you’re trying to research or make a case for running more campaigns with Persado, this tool will be indispensable.