Capitalize on Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing

Despite chatter and studies that show Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not, in fact, the most wonderful days of the year for consumers to score big discounts, the fact remains: Those days are juggernauts for businesses. They’re so big, in fact, having a blockbuster couple of days can cause marketers to surpass goals for the year. 

And that’s good news. In a new whitepaper, Persado unveils stats, facts and unique insights on what’s at stake and how to get the most out of these two major shopping events.

What’s at Stake

The rumors of the death of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are greatly exaggerated, according to Adobe via TechCrunch. Cyber Monday was the largest online sales day in history with sales coming in at a whopping $6.59 billion. Black Friday also enjoyed a record-setting day in the U.S. for online sales to the tune of $5 billion. And Cyber Monday was even bigger for online sales.  

OK, How do I Get a Big Slice of That?

In a world that places a premium on social media and search, e-mail actually led all channels with a conversion rate of 4.29% last year, according to Shopify. Search came in a distant second at 3.04%. And marketers are beginning campaigns weeks ahead of the actual events.

Persado Dove Deeper

Persado has deployed 10,000+ marketing campaigns that delivered more than 100 billion impressions. We have a wealth of data and insights on what works and doesn’t work in direct response marketing channels. For this white paper, we analyzed more than 1,500 marketing messages containing the phrase “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday.” Several patterns emerged, and they will be critical for marketers as they plan for this pivotal sales event seeking to stand out from the pack. The white paper, available for download now, details all of them. But a few key findings: 

#1: Call It Out
Though our data shows mentioning specific holidays such as “Christmas” doesn’t work, it’s absolutely effective to call out “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday.” Yes, buyers are likely aware of the events, but data shows using them in an email subject plan has a positive impact during Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns. 

#2: Different Strokes for Different Holidays
It can be easy to lump the two holidays together — they’re days apart. Resist the urge and treat them as distinct shopping holidays. A Persado analysis of the emotional language used in marketing campaigns shows shoppers respond to different emotions on Black Friday than they do on Cyber Monday.

black friday cyber monday marketing campaigns 2018

#3 - Emotion is Still Paramount
At Persado, we constantly remind marketers that emotional language trumps promotions if you want to connect with your customers, speak with them as a trusted friend and not as a used car salesperson. It rings true for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, even though the days are based heavily on deals. These brands were able to seamlessly blend emotions and promotions in Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns in the U.S. and UK.  

Unlock more statistical information and tactical advice in our Black Friday & Cyber Monday white paper, available now