Combat Holiday Marketing Fatigue with Battle-Tested Tips

The holidays should be a holly, jolly time for retailers — the National Retail Federation forecasts $682 million in sales, about a 4% increase from last year. But whether or not a company sees a similar or greater uptick largely depends on how long it stays on consumers’ nice (and email) lists. Old methods like sending multiple emails with subject lines that read “LAST CHANCE TO GET OUR LOWEST PRICES EVER + A FREE TOTE” have gone the way of flip phones (read: no longer en vogue). They come off as annoying and impersonal and end up in the trash more quickly than rock-hard fruit cake. Meanwhile, competitors may be taking advantage of the marketing language AI can produce. Their messaging  is coming off thoughtful and segmented, allowing them to make the most of every interaction.

To help you gear up for what should be the most wonderful time of the year, we put together top holiday marketing tips for engaging consumers.


It’s Better to Appeal to the Gift Giver Than the Receiver

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Remember, it’s the shopper’s eye you’re trying to catch, so it’s important to tailor the message to him or her who giveth. The best way to do that? With feeling!

At Persado, we help top retail (and many other) brands optimize the emotions and marketing language AI generates to connect with their customers on any channel, digital, mobile, even offline. In the thousands of marketing campaigns we have deployed, we have found that using emotional language is the primary driver of engagement with a message.

“Big savings on moto gear” may not register to a customer with a more bohemian style, even if her dad could use a new leather jacket. But “You Deserve This: Sweet Deals on Premium Brands” uses achievement to appeal to a consumer’s desire to feel accomplished and appreciated. When she clicks on the link and browses the deals, she’ll see the leather jacket and think of her dad. 


The More Detail, The Merrier


Back in the day, getting included in a magazine gift guide was a huge part of PR and marketing strategies. Though brands still seek out those opportunities, companies have become their own publishers and editors and can curate guides themselves. Bonus: Your brand’s awesome statement lamp won’t end up next to a competitor’s area rug.

The holiday marketing trick is to create gift guides in a way that is just as useful, informative, and audience-specific as the ones on glossy pages. A department store with a diverse selection of items for all ages and multiple verticals can do multiple guides full of gifts for kids, adults, athletes, foodies — the sky is the limit! A lifestyle brand geared towards 20-something women might focus more on gifts for different types of friends. Think “Glam,” “Free Spirit” and “Future President.”

For the most effective holiday marketing, be sure to tell consumers why these gifts are special and meant for them and theirs. Highlight special features and benefits of the products in the guide. In one campaign a top clothing and accessories retailer ran with Persado, we tested vague against specific language. Customers engaged more with a guide that used “our softest winter sweaters” than generic “gift ideas.”


The Holidays Bring All the Feels


From stress to good tidings of comfort and joy, the holidays can be an emotional time. Capitalize on it using these top emotions, courtesy of our marketing language AI tools.


Who It’s Worked For


Lucky Brand wanted to standout in cluttered inboxes. Persado suggested tweaking a message of “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice” to a message that evoked achievement (EARNED IT!) and exclusivity (uncover your mystery tonight) to make the receiver feel proud and special. The jeans and fashion brand saw a 285% increase in revenue. Persado is currently helping hundreds of brands do this for holiday campaigns. As a holiday gift, let Persado show you how well your company is using emotion for free and how its marketing language AI technology can help you exceed goals in the new year.

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