Content & Context Matter

Words Matter
Words Matter

Across industries, email has been a viable marketing vehicle for more than a decade. And yet, our primary focus remains design and delivery. Experian recently published an article that proves through data a concept that shouldn’t be foreign to marketers – words matter.

I couldn’t agree more.

But it’s not just the words. The construction of the context is equally important to ensure the message resonates with consumers. Think of it this way. There are nights you debate what to make for dinner. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, the ingredients change, and so does the prep time. In the end, if the ingredients and prep were right, you’re happy and full. Dinner was a success. Creating content for email is similar. Depending upon the customer’s mood they may or may not open the email. But just like Ginsu knives, wait, there’s more. The entire construction of the content matters as much as the words. There are 5 major content elements that increase the likelihood the message resonates so customers take action.

  1. Emotion – the language that has impact
  2. Format – stylistic or structural elements
  3. Description – ways to describe the offer
  4. Position – the construct of the components
  5. Function – a powerful call to action

Each element has a contribution to the customer’s decision to take action with your marketing campaign. What’s challenging is the construct differs by campaign and customer. Since the advent of email, brands and marketers alike have gone with their gut. Figuring out the optimized mix across these elements takes 1000s of experiments and man-hours. At Persado, we believe the best approach is to treat the words used in developing campaigns as the intersection of art and science. While our campaign planning is on the interpretation of data, what sets us apart is how we pull that data. Rather than typical a/b or multi-variate testing, we test multiple elements in thousands of ways to arrive at words, positioning, formatting, function and emotional drivers that are mathematically proven to be most effective. Essentially, Persado takes the guesswork out of the equation. Statistically, machines outperform humans at writing compelling promotional copy for digital marketing channels. Here are several examples where machine-generated copy outperformed the copywriter’s version.

With machine-generated language, Persado customers see a lift, on average, of over 75% in campaign performance. And while instinct and experience matter, there’s no denying that the ultimate measure of success is the result. So while the words are indeed a critical component how you arrive at those words is the ultimate driver of campaign success