Drastic Overhauls Your Email Marketing Needs to Succeed

Leading global research and advisory firm Forrester Research, Inc. has released a report that reveals a drastic shift in how customers are responding to email marketing efforts. “Customer-obsessed marketers should spend their resources developing email into the linchpin of the customer journey, instead of just continuing it as a promotions vehicle,” Shar VanBoskirk writes in the October 2017 report “The Next Chapter for Email Marketing.” Persado highlighted some of its top takeaways from the research.


Don’t Think in Terms of Promotion, Think Personalization

We get it. You want to increase opens, clicks and revenue. But the best case scenario for  one-off urgency-driven promotions like “President’s Day Sale! Everything is Marked Down!” is a short-term spike in KPIs. Customers are getting savvier and more fickle. Keep sending the same impersonal emails and they’ll move on to a brand that better fits their needs.

Start Seeing Email as a Connector

Meet the customer where they are, not where you want them to be. How? Trial and analysis. “Artificial intelligence language generator Persado considers email response data as the strongest foundation for machine learning to determine the best language, emotions positioning, style, images, and offers in display ads, social media, landing pages, text messages, and other emails,” the report found. Once Persado’s tools learn what customers respond to, they can continue to speak a language that inspires action. But what if the audience’s tastes change? The tools adapt.

Purge Your Email List

In May 2018, the EU’s General Data Privacy Data Regulation will take effect and require marketers to document consent commercial email subscriber or risk fines. This means marketers will need to be smarter and more selective about their lists. Ensure your lists are compliant and focus on developing better relationships with customers.

Rethink Success

Opens, clicks and conversions only tell a small portion of the story of a customer-first brand. “For emailers, this will mean tracking how well email continues a customer’s cross-platform brand experience instead of opens, clicks, and conversions,” the report said. “Start tracking when email assists conversions that complete in other channels, when it boosts lifetime value or customer satisfaction, and how it fosters brand engagement.”

To access more insights from Forrester on email marketing, be sure to check out Forrester’s Email Marketing Playbook for 2017  (access requires purchase or Forrester subscription).