Email Marketing Blogs to Read for Best Practices (Besides This One)

Marketers know that learning and the industry continues to evolve. The constant change and desire to stay on the cutting edge drives us in everything we do at Persado, from research to deploying campaigns for our clients. We often rely on our data and machine for insights, but we’re also unafraid to look to other experts for tips, trends and email marketing best practices. For those looking to do the same, add these email marketing blogs, recommended by members of our campaign management team, to your reading lists. 

Recommendations from Chelsea Langford, Persado Senior Campaign Manager

email marketing blogs hubspot
Blog name:
A favorite article: Video or Images: Which Performs Better in Facebook Ads?
“Hubspot takes hot topics for marketers and explores them in short, to-the-point blog posts that provide valuable insights. They leave no marketing channel uncovered, touching on a wide-range of topics including effective retention email messaging and creating the best Facebook ad for your brand. Also, they discuss the importance of testing to find these answers, which we’re big supporters of here at Persado.”

Blog name: Contently
A favorite article: Infographic: The Science of Brand Voice
“Contently delivers thoughtful writing on content creation. You can read about everything from classic concepts to new and evolving trends. The blog captures what should be on the minds of all brands out there and asks us to consider how we create content that is not only good but also unique. They also have great discussions on the interplay between data and creativity in content marketing.”

Recommendations from Aya Rashad, Persado Campaign Manager

shopify email marketing blogs to follow
Shopify's email marketing blog covers topics about businesses of all sizes. 

Blog name: optinmonster
A favorite article: How to Write the Perfect Welcome Email for New Subscribers
“This blog has thorough but easy-to-follow articles laden with examples and pointers. It is geared specifically toward conversion rate optimization, which makes these articles particularly relevant to what we do for Fortune 500 companies and emerging brands at Persado.” 

Blog name: Shopify 
A favorite article: 9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell
“This blog is a good source for articles on a diverse array of topics including those related to eCommerce and retail marketing. Explore anything from image optimization to small business accounting to Pinterest marketing in detail. Shopify is also a good resource if you’re looking for how-to guides on any of the topics mentioned earlier.”

Recommendations from Nitu Sidhu, Persado Campaign Manager

seths blog email marketing blogs to follow
Blog name: 
Seth’s Blog
A favorite article: Marketing Sauerkraut
“This blog features short-and-sweet posts and is updated daily by arguably the biggest name in marketing, Seth Godin. Seth is a member of the Guerrilla Marketing Hall of Fame, Direct Marketing Hall of Fame and the Marketing Hall of Fame and more than 60,000 people have taken his online classes. He’s also the author of 18 international best-sellers on marketing and work, so it’s safe to say he has a knack for delivering great advice.”  

Blog name: Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik
A favorite article: Five Strategies for Slaying the Data Puking Dragon
“Avinash goes over intimidating topics such as data and digital analytics and presents them in a very simple way.”

Recommendation from Christina Fierro, Persado Senior Campaign Manager
Blog name:
L2 Daily Insights
A favorite article: Top 10 Insurance Brands in Digital
“L2 Daily Insights is a great mix of tech, marketing and eCommerce analysis that covers a wide range of industries. The top 10 lists (like the one linked above) are valuable resources to find the top brands on digital by industry. There are also collaborative studies with Gartner.”

Recommendation from Kat Dessenon, Persado VP of Campaign Management, North America 

grammarly email blogs to follow marketing
Blog name: 
Grammarly Blog
A favorite article: Under the Hood at Grammarly: Transforming Writing Style with AI
“Grammarly is a great (free!) resource to help improve your writing. It works with Google Chrome and quickly helps you identify common writing issues like spelling, grammar and punctuation. Think of it like a very smart friend who can review what you are writing on the spot and offer you suggestions on how to improve. Their blog focuses on many aspects of writing, business and technology. The piece linked above is about how they have used AI to train the platform to read informal language and translate it into content that is more formal. What does this have to do with marketing? Everything! As I’ve mentioned before, QAing your content is one of the most important steps you need to take to ensure your customers clearly understand what you are trying to say. Grammarly makes that process a little more automated and a lot easier.”

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