After Party: 5 Takeaways from The Next Frontier in Customer-Centric Marketing

It’s becoming passé to talk about the significance of personalized marketing. But as buzzy as the term is, it presents a challenge for email marketers. Coming up with the precise wording and most relevant content takes time, and without insights, it’s difficult to know what types of emotional language to try.

Last year, Oracle + Bronto integrated Persado’s AI technology directly into its platform, giving brands the chance to predict the results of email subject lines and get optimization suggestions. Now, all a brand has to do is click a button. On Wednesday, Persado and Oracle + Bronto teamed up with client and innovative self-publishing brand Lulu Press to give marketers first-hand advice on fostering more personal email engagement with your customers.

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AI Can Have a Human Touch

At Persado, we pride ourselves on using machine-learning to deliver uniquely personal consumer experiences that make brands sound more human. It may sound counterintuitive, but Persado Customer Success Manager Elizabeth Adams has seen it happen hundreds of times. “It’s not possible for brands to create millions of emails with personalized language,” Adams said. “Using AI, brands get much closer to the holy grail of achieving personalization at scale.”

AI Makes Marketing Teams More Effective and Efficient

Lulu Press ran a test with Persado last year with the goal of increasing open rates. Not only was the company thrilled with the results, it inspired the team to think more creatively about ideas for email subject lines. “Having Persado has really helped us step up our game,” said Lulu Press Digital Marketing Manager Lali Szumowski, adding that the department has been able to focus on clicks and has even seen an uptick in revenue. And even though Lulu Press’ team has begun to think about email subject lines in an emotionally-driven way, Persado remains an integral part of the company’s marketing program — especially when the team needs something stat. When Lulu Press is tasked with sending email quickly, Szumowski uses Persado Pro Email Starter to forecast subject line performance based on industry standards and historical data she uploaded from Bronto. “[It] really takes the guesswork out of copywriting and it offers really great insights that help.”  

Deep Insights Help Clients Unearth New Strategies  

persado lulu press email subject linesPersado’s insights showed Lulu Press which emotions were consistently performing well and which were being over or underutilized. Achievement (“You earned it!”) and Curiosity (“Did you Know?”) have been winners for the company. Persado will continue to analyze to see if the audience’s tastes changes, but for now — it ain’t broke so Lulu Press need not try to fix it. But, there is still room for exploration. Though the company only used Anxiety (“Brace Yourself.”) in 5% of its emails, the emotion produced a 15% open rate. Persado suggested trying it out more frequently to see if it could be another tool in Lulu Press’ marketing strategy.

Personalized Email Subject Lines are Just the First Step

persado oracle + bronto email subject linesOracle + Bronto Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst Greg Zakowicz said 77% of consumers have recommended, chosen or paid more for a brand that provided a unique, personalized experience. But it doesn’t stop at great email subject lines. Though email subject lines can make or break open rates, a brand won’t see clicks and conversions unless the product recommendations are relevant to the consumer. “If you have a great subject line Persado is going to provide for you to give you the best chance of open and they open that email and the product isn’t relevant, it’s going to hurt your long-term open rates,” Zakowicz said. He suggested thinking of an email as a concierge. If a guest asked for a recommendation for an intimate, dimly-lit, surf ‘n turf spot to eat and the concierge recommended a kid-friendly chain, the consumer likely wouldn’t ask him for advice on anything for the duration of the trip. The concierge lost the guest’s trust. Likewise, if a customer recently considered buying a pair of modestly priced headphones, reaching out with a recommendation for a $1,000 TV probably wouldn’t be relevant. A portable speaker system would be a better option. For more tips on creating a great email body, read this

Generic Can Work — Sometimes

Even though consumers prefer personalization, sometimes marketers are told to send out a batch-and-blast email. This may sound like nails on a chalkboard, but there’s a way to buckle down and make it work.  “It’s all about verbiage,” Zakowicz advised. “Don’t tell the consumer it’s recommended just for them.” Try something like “Time for an upgrade?” and include a recommendation for a watch. Zakowicz said that even if the person doesn’t know if he still wears a specific watch, they know he bought one at some point. Other examples include “Picks of the week” and “Customer favorites.”