Forrester Webinar Recap: Personalization & Marketing Automation

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There is now an opportunity for marketers to develop content that is more closely aligned with a customer’s emotional decision-making.

On July 12, Persado hosted a webinar to present the findings of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting that surveyed 100 digital marketers across the US, UK, France, Italy, and Germany. Rusty Warner, Forrester’s Principal B2C Analyst, presented the findings, touching on the following topics:

  • Why marketers miss the mark with personalization?
  • How marketers plan on stepping up their content game with automated content creation tools
  • The expected benefits of automated content creation.
  • How cognitive content enables brands to personalize at scale.

The necessity of connecting with audiences in a personalized and relevant way in real-time continues to grow, even as the opportunity to engage is beginning to shrink. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the human attention span has shriveled to eight seconds…one second less than that of a goldfish.

marketing automation

Constant access to information via desktop, mobile, and tablets has made customers more discerning. But they’re not just looking for the best price. Consumers consider price secondary to the overall value of their experience. BUT personalization was a high priority to only 28% of polled marketers.

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As Dale Carnegie wrote 80 years ago (in rough paraphrase), everyone’s favorite topic is themselves. This is a huge hurdle for any brand operating on a stage as crowded as the web. How do you look every single person in the audience right in the eyes at one time?

marketing automation

According to the survey, only 15% of consumers were satisfied with brands’ attempt to effectively tailor communication to individuals while 89% of marketers believed they were doing an excellent job.

For marketers, the three most daunting challenges they face in content creation, as revealed by the study, are:

  • Keeping up with content demands across a surplus of digital touchpoints
  • Speed-to-market
  • Creating content that is relevant to a given marketing campaign or customer
marketing automation

With time and manpower both increasingly scarce resources, how can marketers be expected to perform? In the midst of a machine-learning revolution, marketers can elegantly beat back these challenges with intelligent content automation.

Forrester’s survey found that the two biggest wishlist items for marketers are methods for automating text creation and image selection, along with a machine-learning model that can both implement A/B and multivariate testing and learn from the insight gathered every time.

marketing automation

With these cognitive computing superpowers now at hand, marketers will be able to more easily create content, nimbly adjust campaign efforts based on customer response, and improve customer engagement with data-backed custom content.

To learn more about Forrester and Persado’s key recommendations on how to automate content, and make genuine eye contact with each of your customers, click below to view the recording of our webinar.