3 Next-Gen Tips for Email Bodies

By Alison Lindland, VP of Strategic Accounts at Movable Ink 

When it comes to developing sophisticated email content, best practices are going to vary based on your vertical and KPIs. There isn’t really a silver bullet for email content strategy. To take your email bodies to the next level, you have to reframe the entire way you think about email marketing.

The dirty secret about email marketing

Email remains the most ubiquitous, cost-effective and productive channel that marketers have. Essentially, the email world relative to any other digital channel is very analog by virtue of the data being frozen in time at the moment of send. That’s the Achilles heel of email. Without services like Movable Ink and Persado, it’s basically digital direct mail.

Brands spend a lot of time and effort on getting their website to know who their visitors are and rearranging what their homepages and landing pages look like to people individually. So it’s up to email marketers to create those personalized experiences in their customer’s inbox. With email, content is still frozen in time at the moment of open and you still have to manually curate things. But we can fundamentally transform it into a truly digital personalized channel that can hold its own against mobile, web and app.

To create next-level email bodies, you have to adjust how you think about email marketing.

1. Stop treating your audiences so similarly

It’s about making sure the user experience you invest in is consistent. Personalized, real-time data is whatever the logged-in, personalized version of your website or service is. We know that real-time content is by definition more compelling and engaging for your audience, and creating emails with that real-time data will drive your business forward in a thousand ways. It’s operationally efficient and will save you countless dollars in hours. 

With Movable Ink, you can create email body content based on data like live inventory or location that’s optimized on the fly and targeted to the receiver at the moment of open. And Persado lets you optimize emails so your subscribers get to see the most engaging option. You do less grunt work and wind up with emails that are contextualized and perform better.

2. Reinvent your process and the rest will follow

If you want to take your email bodies to the next level, you have to make sure the user experience you’re known for doesn’t suddenly stop in the inbox. Email typically has the most outrageous manual production process for a digital channel. It’s basically the equivalent of the catalog production process.

At Movable Ink, what we really enjoy seeing is how we can completely flip the script for email production teams. Fortune 500 companies have no lack of great ideas. It’s not that they’re struggling for new concepts — they’re really just completely under water trying to get their emails out of the door while managing the incredibly manual production process that email marketers are stuck with.

Movable Ink enables them to automate portions of the email production process so that they’re elevating the customer’s experience in the inbox and the email marketer doesn’t have to touch it day in and day out. When brands can iterate quickly, they can give their customers more of what they want more frequently. It’s transformational.

3. Shift your mindset and focus on the customer

When it comes to next-gen email bodies, it’s not so much about what you “should be” doing. It's about using your available customer data and contextual elements in a way that creates meaningful customer experiences and makes the most out of all of the other investments you’re making right now. Your customers will appreciate the 1-to-1 interaction and your marketing team will have the bandwidth to create more of the spectacular content your audience will love. 

Author Bio
Alison Lindland is the VP of Strategic Accounts at Movable Ink, the leading provider of intelligent content, which enables marketers to personalize email content at the moment of open. Alison has over 15 years of experience in business development, product management, and client experience at Movable Ink, American Express, and OgilvyInteractive. Her strategic accounts team is responsible for accelerating strategic initiatives for Movable Ink’s top growth accounts across every vertical.

Movable Ink is the leading provider of intelligent content, which enables marketers to personalize email content at the moment of open. We work with more than 500 leading brands, including Delta, eBay, Spotify, and The Wall Street Journal.