Gut Reactions: Emotional Marketing Webinar with Forrester



As it turns out, the term “gut feeling” is more literal than it is metaphorical.

I wrote here about System 1 thinking (the physical intuitions and emotional reactions to stimuli) versus System 2 thinking (the logical system that is largely deferential to emotion) as formulated by Nobel laureate Dr Daniel Kahneman.

System 2 is entirely located in your head, but System 1 is split between the brain in your head and “the second brain” in your stomach, “an often-overlooked network of neurons lining our guts” (Scientific American).

Emotional states correlate to physical sensations (like nervous butterflies and horrified nausea) largely because your stomach is a glut of neural tissue teeming with locally manufactured neurotransmitters. Our roiling second brain (aka, the enteric nervous system) plays a big part in determining our mental states. Digestive issues and poor diets have even been linked to clinical depression.  

Emotions register deep within the body. The strong reaction by a city slicker to recoil in terror from a tiny snake has its corollary — a person can be conditioned for attraction to stimuli that repeatedly deliver positive emotions. This is why people check their smartphones on average 50 times per day. We get a small bump of dopamine when we get text messages, (certain) emails, Facebook likes, Instagram hearts, and Retweets.


Emotional Marketing for Belly and Brain

Brands can engender this effect too, by harnessing the power of a disciplined, systematic approach to testing emotional marketing messages in their branding, marketing, and advertising efforts.

Which is precisely why, on November 10th, 2016, Forrester analyst Anjali Lai is presenting her study on these tactics, a study called “The Science of Emotional Engagement” alongside Persado’s very own Lawrence Whittle.

As Lai states in her study, “Emotions influence how consumers perceive brand interactions and talk about experiences.”

Join us as Lai answers the following questions and gives a roadmap for giving your audience a good gut-feeling about you:

  • Why do “best in class” brands resonate with emotion?
  • How can your brand take certain steps to deepen emotional engagement
  • What is the business impact of successful emotional experiences?

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