Introducing Cognitive Content


Persado announced its series C funding today. It is the largest venture round for Persado so far, but what makes it especially exciting for us as a company is how this investment will fuel our cognitive computing platform.

Since IBM reintroduced Watson as a business solution last year, the term “cognitive computing” has made waves in the press, across businesses, and in academia. A number of the biggest players—like Microsoft launching “Cognitive Services”—are jumping in feet first.

Cognitive computing describes the practical use of artificial intelligence technology to improve the execution of tasks normally performed by humans. If you’re familiar with Persado, you know that is what we’ve been doing since the beginning.

We apply cognitive computing to language. This empowers us to systematically maximize effective communication. Using math, advanced statistics, and data science, we can machine-generate the exact messages that drive the highest, most consistent engagement. Persado has eliminated guesswork, creative biases, and gut instinct from the random process behind human-penned message creation. With Persado, everyone can find the perfect thing to say, with confidence.

Across thousands of campaigns to date, Persado-generated messages —“cognitive content”—always beat the human-crafted ones. Cognitive content is “smart content,” the precise combination of words, phrases, and images designed to inspire any given audience to act every time.

Machine learning and natural language processing power our cognitive content generation platform. The platform runs on the world’s largest database of curated and tagged emotional and motivational language and images, scored against consumer response data from over 40 billion impressions.

Today, 80 of the world’s most recognizable brands deploy Persado’s cognitive content across their direct marketing campaigns, engaging and inspiring consumers through Facebook, display, email, SMS, and mobile push notifications.

And our customers are highly satisfied. Not only do we garner an almost 50% average uplift on conversion rates, but we have also generated an additional $1 billion dollar in revenue–truly unbeatable ROI.

Marketing is just the first step in our vision to transform everyone into the most powerful communicator. Most of our latest funding round will go towards scaling our company to meet the growing demand worldwide for cognitive content marketing.

We are also investing in the potential expansion into areas like politics, dating, pharmaceutical adherence–any situation in which an organization or individual would want to inspire action.

To reflect our new positioning as a cognitive computing platform—a cognitive content generation technology—we’ve revamped and produced a video that communicates the aspirations for our technology. Over the course of the year, we’ll release perspectives, research, and insight that speak to the power and possibilities of cognitive content.

Our mantle might be a little different. What remains is our commitment to empowering customers with content that will quite literally move their audiences. Our industry-leading platform will improve, our products will continue to over-perform, and the world will be able to communicate effectively every time.