Language Worth Its Weight in Gold for Financial Email Campaigns

Customer engagement is one of the biggest issues facing banks in today’s competitive, multichannel environment. To rise above the noise, brands often fall back on the wrong emotions like urgency for financial email campaigns. You’ve seen it: “You still have time to apply for a credit card!” But what they actually do is add to the cacophony.

Persado recently analysed the subject lines of the top UK 15 financial institutions and found that the three most used emotions were fascination, anxiety and urgency. While often effective for retailers, fascination-driven subject lines – highlighting the novelty of an offer – drive below industry average open rates. Fear-driven emotions anxiety and urgency, the act now or miss it message, have become so ubiquitous that they get missed in full inboxes and average a low 18% open rate.

Making the right emotional connection each time is an integral part of a good business strategy. So how do you know which language to use to make those connections? Look at the data. Persado’s numbers found three emotions were most effective for financial email campaigns.


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Used in less than 20% of UK financial email campaigns, gratitude-oriented headlines, boasted the highest open rate — nearly 45%! Rather than making customers feel pressured, gratitude expresses acknowledgement and affection in a personalised way. Phrases like “You deserve it” and “Let us thank you with” uplift a customer (along with your open rate).
Try: “You dream about your child going to university — let us help you save.”


Excitement delivers news and introduces something with enthusiasm. It also posted a nearly 40% open rate. Examples of excitement phrases include “you will love this,” “the wait is finally over,” and “earn more rewards.”  
Try:  The Travel Card is Back!


Another underutilised emotion, challenge is kind of like a game of truth or dare:  It aims to provoke an action or decision by daring the consumer or asking a question. Think: “Are you ready?,” “prepare yourself,” and  “what are you waiting for?” As for the truth: Challenge was used in less than 20% of campaigns but had an open rate of nearly 35%.
Try: [First Name] What are you waiting for? Download our app for banking-on-the-go.