Webinar Recap: How Machine-Learning Drives Action


Until now, machine-learning personalization has focused on behaviors and preferences to find the Right Person, Place, and Time. Now, new machine learning technologies incorporate emotions into the equation to make a better-connected message.

On September 7, Persado’s CRO Lawrence Whittle hosted a webinar to present the findings of a commissioned study conducted by The Relevancy Group. The study surveyed 301 marketing and advertising executives to learn if executives are using machine-learning technology to optimize for the last piece of the marketing puzzle, The Right Message, and what value these early adopters gained from doing so.

David Daniels, The Relevancy Group CEO, presented the findings, touching on the following topics:

The prevalence of machine-learning and predictive technologies in non-creative marketing and advertising practices, like budgeting, product recommendation, and data management

relevancy group webinar

Attitudes among executives toward computerized creative augmentation

relevancy group webinar

The rise of machine-learning in creative content generation

relevancy group webinar

Case studies of performance lifts seen among marketers and advertisers who have already adopted machine-learning tech to scale their content creation

relevancy group webinar

And what to expect in the future for automated content generation

relevancy group webinar

Together, Daniels and Whittle addressed the following questions, among others.

Why aren’t more people using machine learning technology to generate content today? What is the barrier to adoption? When do we see this being more broadly adopted?

Generally, one or more of three factors:

They lack awareness. People tend to confuse machine-learning with robots. Marketers and advertisers should understand how machine-learning is improving marketing technology today.

They anticipate a process far more complex than the reality.

They’re unclear of the goals to be achieved by adding to their tech stack. The benefits are not just to improve ROI. With machine-learning, marketers can operate a people-based marketing practice that scales, all without hiring an extra thousand hands

How does automated content generation facilitate personalization?

Per Segment. Ultimately we want to segment by a trend in response to different language. What we typically do is start with the entire audience then drill down. We often find that particular dimensions of segmentation (e.g., male/female) may require different messaging, while others (e.g. age) may respond to the same thing. This insight can help marketers determine how best to segment their CRM base.


What is the level of organizational effort to deploy cognitive content?

There is no integration needed. Persado is platform agnostic which allows us the flexibility to adapt to clients’ needs and get up and running within days. It varies depending on your setup and approval processes, but we’ll work with your team to produce content in whatever way is easiest for you. Typically we find the first time we work together we’ll iron out the kinks in the setup to pave the way for a smooth process.

If you missed the webinar, click below for a replay and a copy of The Relevancy Group report.