What We’re Thankful for This Year

marketing thanksgiving

Marketing is a world that is rapidly changing — this is not the hottest of takes. As marketers, it can sometimes seem like the industry is constantly spinning, as new products become the next must-haves and slight algorithm changes can upend a start-of-quarter digital strategy.  There are larger things, too — GDPR, the increasing stronghold of Amazon on product searches. But for at least one day each November, we have the opportunity to slow it down, look around and be thankful for what’s around us.

At Persado, we hope you have an opportunity to do that with your family this Thanksgiving. We consider our clients, and the greater marketing industry we are so lucky to serve and transform, family. So, as we enter the season of giving thanks, we wanted to show gratitude for industry advances and all of you.

Creative Advances

Creative marketing is a million-dollar industry, but it’s often been thought of as “immeasurable.” But as the obsession with numbers grows, it’s important to be able to put a data-backed value on creative content. Artificial Intelligence gives businesses the peace of mind that they are marketing with the best creative to engage their audiences.

This is not to say humans have no place in the creative process — they absolutely do. AI is a partner. Humans cannot be expected to come up with unique creative each day for each person across channels based on data every.single.day. AI doesn’t need a holiday or coffee break, and it can also open up time for CMOs and other executives to focus on the high-level aspects of their jobs, such as long-term strategy for sustainable growth. We’re grateful these tools exist and to be leading the charge to allow marketers to market while feeling confident their money is being best spent.

Incredible Clients

marketing thanksgiving

Our clients fuel us, and their successes are what brings us the most gratification. This year, we’ve been privileged to have several of them speak on our behalf. They include Dell Director of Consumer Marketing Brant Gonzalez, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft Carrie Gouldin, Caesars Entertainment Director of Email Marketing Tonya Carpenter, Adorama’s CMO Lev Peker and Senior Manager of Email Marketing & Retention Isaac Hyman and Gap Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing Noam Paransky. Said Paransky to Forbes,  “We started by utilizing [Persado] for email subject lines and have expanded the use of this tool to other channels, including personalized messaging in select use cases on our own websites."

Story Telling 

For CMOs and their teams, marketing is about more than numbers — they have to be cognizant of brand style and voice at all times. At Persado, we enjoy hearing those stories and viewing them from afar. It’s what inspired us to unveil Narrative Intelligence this fall, which allows brands to have data-backed insights into the best creative to deploy for their campaigns while remaining true to their brand’s story. We look forward to seeing more stories unfold in the new year.