5 Marketing Brand Voices That Speak to Us

If you’ve followed this blog, you know we’ve spoken a ton about the words that do (and don’t) drive opens, clicks and the all-important conversions. For example, telling a customer they’ve “earned” a dress (Achievement) works far better than sounding the alarm that on a sale is running out (Urgency). But to gain and maintain customer loyalty, marketers need to do more than find the precise words, phrases and emotions to engage an audience: they need to find their brand voices. 

How is marketing brand voice different than the words used in a subject line, email body or ad copy? Brand voice is what gives your business personality. You know that quirky friend who punctuates every story with a punchline? How about the totally straightforward #bosslady? The way they talk is just so...them. When one of them texts you, you can likely guess who it’s from without seeing their names. Influencers have mastered this. They combine language with unique personalities to grow and engage their followings. 

But it’s more natural for a human to do this than a brand pushing products — those shoes were made for walking, not talking, after all. Some businesses have risen to the challenge and have developed brand voices that truly speak to customers, and if reports of success are any indication, they’re reaping the benefits. To help you find your marketing brand voice, we pulled some inspiration from companies who have established their own. 

Tiffany & Co. Official 

marketing brand voice tiffany & co

Who she is: The sophisticated girl next door
Makes you feel: Elegant but down to earth  
Unlike department stores and chains, the Tiffany & Co. homepage doesn’t greet visitors with promotions like 50% off or free shipping. Instead, the luxury jewelry and specialty retailer veers in a more editorial direction, placing a premium on impactful imagery and aspirational language. The result? A voice that makes Tiffany seem like the coolest girl in the room — people want to emulate her confidence (she doesn’t need to rely on sales to make friends) and style (the black-and-white images and words, such as “balance of femininity and industrial modernity” feel straight out of a magazine). 


marketing brand voice netflix

Who he is: The witty one 
Makes you feel: Happy and humored 
Netflix’s brand voice resembles that clever kid in school who never takes himself too seriously. He’d be in trouble all the time, but even his teachers can’t help but laugh at his witty punchlines. On the streaming service’s Instagram account, it doesn’t constantly remind followers of release dates or tell them what they should have in their queues. Instead, Netflix uses screenshots and characters to craft relatable posts that sound like a regular (albeit funnier) ‘grammer rather than a business. Take this one from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a Netflix original series, posted on a Tuesday morning. What person hasn’t felt like this at least once in their schooling or professional lives? 

Rent the Runway

brand voices marketing rent the runway

Who she is: Confident without the retail tag
Makes you feel: Like a supermodel 
Rent the Runway’s voice is conversational, fun and confident, which works well for a brand on a mission to help people look and feel their best in clothes! The brand's Instagram captions — most of which are one sentence or less — read like ones you might find on a 20-30-year-old woman’s page. They’re conversational, trendy and include smart use of emojis. 


marketing brand voice equinox

Who she is: The elite fitness guru
Makes you feel: Elite, Inspired 
As a health and fitness brand, Equinox seeks to inspire customers to be the best version of themselves. Their Instagram page fits that bill. It’s loaded with aspirational photos of people performing fitness routines with perfect form. And the captions have a motivational tone. Take the above from a recent overcast day in NYC. Unless you’re a gymnast, ballerina or seasoned yogi, the odds of you being able to get into this pose are slim — but you can still try (or “kill it” in some other way). 


ayr marketing brand voices

Who she is: A social media-savvy, text-loving girl
Makes you feel: Fun and trendy 
This fashion retailer uses a bit more marketing on its web page than say, Tiffany & Co., but the brand voice still has a fun, human touch. Calls to action like “Let’s do this” and “YAAAAS” feel more like a text message from a trend-setting best friend than a salesperson.