Marketers: Resolve to Make These Changes in 2018

marketing changes

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions — more than 21% made the promise in 2017. But marketers want to see their numbers go up — higher open rates, CTRs, social engagement and conversions. To help professionals strategize using all of the learnings we gained in 2017, we polled Persado’s in-house experts for the top 2018 marketing changes to make.

Move Beyond the Emotion of Urgency in Your Marketing Messages

We’ve all seen the emails: “ACT NOW!” “BUY BEFORE MIDNIGHT!” These are all messages using the emotion of urgency, a go to for marketers that is really unpopular with consumers.  A Persado study of more than 3,000 email experiments showed it was one of the five worst performing emotions. Instead of urgency, try achievement, one of the perennial top performing emotions for Persado clients. Think phrases like “You earned it!” and “You are being rewarded.” Anxiety also experienced a 6.5% success uptick in US emails and continued to be a winner in the UK.

Account for the Unaccountable

Clicks and conversions are popular KPIs, but an important marketing change to make is to refrain from being too rigid when measuring success. “There is benefit in marketing that goes beyond clicks and revenue,” said Kirill Gil, a Persado solutions consultant in global paid media. When it comes to social ads, these assists may come in the form of brand awareness or the influence someone may have over friends on social media. For example, Anna may see an ad for a pair of running shoes online. She may already have a pair she loves, but she knows her friend Kasey has resolved to run a 10K in 2018. Anna tells Kasey about the shoes and Kasey buys them. That sale is not directly attributable to the ad, but there was a benefit. “There is no perfect metric, but if a marketer doesn’t consider the halo effect of a marketing channel, they may undervalue it and miss out on an opportunity,” Gil cautioned.

Don’t Just Show the Right Image. Say the Right Thing.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but don’t discount good ad copy and headlines, Gil said. “The image is very important, especially for clicks, but what you say and how you connect with the end user on an emotional level is more important for conversions in many cases,” he noted.

Stop Limiting Character Count

That widely held idea that it’s better to be short and sweet with email subject lines? It’s a myth, according to a 2017 Persado study of more than 30,000 emails. What does matter? Countless  Persado control studies have shown emotional language, personalization and formatting are the three keys to a great email subject line. This article delves into further detail.

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