Love It! Tips to Make Your Marketing Efforts Sweet

Violets may be blue, but marketers need not be too. Match language — and the emotions it conveys — with invaluable insights to create the ultimate power couple. These five sweet marketing tips will earn you long term relationships (or LTRs, as Millennial-centric brands are calling them) with consumers.


Don’t Have a Heart


It sounds cruel, but hear us out. People LOVE emojis, but don’t have much room in their hearts for these đź’Śđź’•đź’ť, according to Persado’s analysis of nearly 50 million campaigns. Surprisingly, the heart emoji performs even worse around Valentine’s Day. If you have your heart set on using the symbol of love, try <3 instead — it gets more engagement.


Be as Sticky as a Teaspoon of Honey


AirBnB’s sticky header reminds visitors how much money they can earn by renting their home on the service

Sticky headers, which stay in view even as a visitor scrolls down on a landing page, allow certain aspects of a site to stay top-of-mind. It might include your brand’s logo, a menu bar that allows visitors to easily navigate the page and an inspiring call to action (CTA).


And Make It a Truly Special Invite


Whether your CTA is appearing in an email, paid media ad or on a landing page, venture off the “Get Started” beaten path and opt for something more creative.

Functional language, such as CTAs, tend to have significant contribution to response rate for landing pages “Therefore, it is critical to ensure this language is relevant and inspires action in your visitors.”

– Persado Solutions Consultant Grace Fisher, December blog post.

If your brand helps people make money, try “Start Earning.”  A cruise company or resort might find greater success with “Find Your Paradise” than “Book Now.”

Email subject lines also serve as an invitation. Because the average worker gets more than 120 emails per day, inboxes have become like Tinder. A consumer can swipe right (open) if they want to learn more, or swipe left (ignore) if they’re not interested. Catch your consumers’ eyes with something uniquely personalized. Persado Pro Email Starter can help you learn how your audience wants to be spoken to based on your previous campaigns, along with your peers’ campaigns, and predict the best message just for them  (way sweeter than forgetting your anniversary for the third year in a row, right?).   


Great Creative + Inspiring Copy = Picture Perfect Facebook Ad


At Persado, we have something of a love affair with connecting clients with their consumers on an emotional level through language. But we know pictures are worth 1,000 words, especially in the era of photo sharing services like Instagram. One of the world’s most prominent media brands turned to Persado to expand subscribers using Facebook ads. A photo of two people cozily sitting on couch in front of a fireplace had a 181.81% better conversion rate than one of a plate of food and the brand’s food section. Why? It’s likely because the fireplace evokes a “warm, safe” feeling.

But Kirill Gil, a Persado Solutions Consultant in global paid media, cautioned to resist the urge to only have eyes on images.

The image is very important, especially for clicks, but what you say and how you connect with the end user on an emotional level is more important for conversions in many cases.”

– Kirill Gil, recent Insights Blog post

Bottom line: Give both image and copy equal respect for a happy marriage (and CMO!).


Show the Love


People love your brand. It’s awesome! They snap photos, tag you in them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tell everyone how awesome you are. If you’ve got the love, flaunt it on your landing page! Brands like Rent the Runway show off consumer reviews and outfits — it resembles In Style’s front-of-book section spotlighting subscribers showing off how they styled an outfit the magazine recommended. The result is a super-stylish, on-brand testimonial feature that Persado landing page guru Grace Fisher said can be very compelling.