The Marketing Insights You’ll Need to Succeed in 2018

marketing insights

As marketers, we are all starting the year focused on our target numbers and KPIs. But in digital marketing, the best ways to achieve those goals can change in a New York minute. It calls for keeping an eye on the prize but being prepared to pivot. New ways of understanding your customers and gaining new insights help marketers keep their edge and stay up-to-date in marketing trends and consumer behavior. At Persado, we allow you to unearth new and unique customer marketing insights, such as which language and emotions resonate most with your customers or which emojis your consumers best respond to. And, we help you notice when your audience begins to engage with different emotions and words. Consider this a cheatsheet to hitting goals without missing new, better ways to reach consumers on a personal level.       

Rely on Data-Driven Marketing Insights, Not Hunches

“Our competitor did this social ad and it was great! Can we do it but with our logo and copy?” or “I’m seeing people using a lot of thumbs up emojis in email subject lines. I think we should start doing that too.” When brainstorming moves towards these types of ideas, it’s taken a not-so-efficient detour. Marketing trends, including language and creative, may not resonate with all audiences. (One of our favorite marketing insights: Though the thumbs up emoji is meant to convey “like,” audiences tend to dislike it and therefore not engage.) You can learn what does engage with your target audience in a few ways. To this point, the most popular way has been to have a dedicated team or person test a bunch of different subject lines or paid media ads and go with the best one. It’s not a bad start, but it doesn’t take into account that the subject lines or ads may have been “bad” and “worse,” nor does it show whether all creative elements (like the image used) of paid media are the reason for an ad’s success. Did your team try switching up images and headlines and testing them to see if they work best together? It takes time — years even — to figure out what resonates. But there are more efficient ways to do it: AI technologies like our’s at Persado can find the precise language, emotions and creative that inspire action much quicker.

But Understand Not Everything is Measurable

It’s easy to focus on the usual KPIs: open and click through rates, traffic to the site and the all-important conversions. But as telling as numbers are, they don’t paint the whole picture. This rings especially true in paid media. Let’s say Sarah saw a Facebook ad for a cruise company. Sarah loves to travel, but she gets seasick. She knows her friend Lisa has been looking to head to warmer waters ever since this Arctic blast took over the States. Sarah screenshots the ad and shows it to Lisa, who then calls the cruise company to book a trip. The ad may not add to the KPIs, but it deserves an assist. “There is no perfect metric, but if a marketer doesn’t consider the halo effect of a marketing channel, they may undervalue it and miss out on an opportunity,” Persado Solutions Consultant in Global Paid Media Kirill Gil cautioned in a recent blog post for

Have a Content Strategy

Content and blogs have gone from marketing trends to marketing mainstays. But they often fall by the wayside when there’s so much focus on revenue, leads and meeting. But blogs are a very effective way to engage your audience and build a relationship beyond promotional content  that simply touts the latest shoe arrivals, low-interest rate loans or deals on travel destinations. HubSpot found 18-25% of quarterly revenue came from content-driven lead generation.Think about how these products and promotions can impact potential customers and create content behind it. Try “3 Ways to Wear the Shoe of the Season,” “5 Under-the-Radar Spots for Your Travel Bucket List” or “How to Score a Low-Interest Loan.” These will likely prompt consumers to click for useful expert opinions. Embed an ad mid-post or put a call to action in the lede or at the bottom of the post promoting your products and services to inspire consumers to use your brand to achieve these fashion/travel/financial goals.

And of course, content generation also helps with SEO and arms your sales teams with useful marketing insights to show clients.

Hear Me, Hear Me: A Call to Action

Calls to action (CTAs) are an essential part of email, paid media and landing pages, as they direct a consumer to take an action. “Click here” and “Get started” are common but not exactly the most creative or inspiring. “Functional language, such as CTAs, tend to have significant contribution to response rate for landing pages, Therefore, it is critical to ensure this language is relevant and inspires action in your visitors,” Solutions Consultant Grace Fisher told us in a blog post in December. Stand out from the pack with a CTA like “Make Bank” or “See your outfit.”

Bring Ghost Consumers Back to the Lifecycle 

During a panel at Media Post’s 2017 Email Marketing Insider Summit, Shoes of Prey CRM and Content Marketing Manager Chloe Butschke compared the consumer lifestyle to dating. First, there’s the Internet stalking followed by an email exchange, further communication and if all goes well, a date (meeting). You may have thought it was going great, but the consumer ghosts soon after. What to do? One of the best marketing insights our project and campaign managers give clients it to try subject lines like “Hey, we miss you…” Our research has found these tactics can re-engage consumers.