Spoiler Alert: What to Expect From Marketing Optimization Week

It’s not just you — marketing is getting harder. As the digital landscape has grown, brands have begun taking multi-channel approaches to campaigns. At least 3 million businesses advertise on Facebook, according to a 2016 report, and the average 9-to-5 worker receives more than 120 emails per day. The competition for eyeballs, brand loyalty and conversions is fierce. But pioneering AI technologies like Persado are helping brands pinpoint the precise language to emotionally connect with consumers. It has helped some of the world’s top companies consistently increase open rates, click through rates and develop long-term relationships with customers. At Marketing Optimization Week, a four-day online event Feb. 20-23 sponsored by Unbounce, marketers will get insights on how to supercharge their efforts. Persado Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Product & Engineering Assaf Baciu will give a webinar on Feb. 20. Persado got a first glimpse at his insights and is giving marketers a sneak preview.

The Best Way to Interact and Engage With Consumers

Humans learn about one another from every interaction. “You are a working mom with three kids.” “You hate being rushed.” “You are a high achiever who runs marathons for fun and personal satisfaction.” But on digital channels like Facebook, email and websites, it can be difficult to create the same personalized atmosphere. Part of this is because marketing language is often about “TODAY ONLY” deals and promotions, creating a belief that consumers must shop on a deadline. Baciu will break down how AI actually helps make marketing sound more human and personal, allowing marketers to show off an increase in open rates, impressions, time on site and ultimately conversions to their bosses.

How Long You Have to Grab a Consumers’ Attention Online

Goldfish have an attention span of nine seconds. Humans have even less, studies show. During Marketing Optimization Week, Baciu will reveal how long you have to convince a person to engage with your message and strategies to ensure you seize the moment.

Why Unearthing Every Possible Variation of a Message Matters

OK, Scrabble fiends: How many words can you create with  “G” “O” “L” “W” “R” “H” ”E”? Ogle is one of them. Baciu will reveal the exact number on Feb. 20 during his Marketing Optimization Week presentation. He’ll also explain why the number of words and phrases a marketer can use in an email subject line are endless. But only a few can increase open rates and inspire action.

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