The Surprise Trick to Scoring Big With Mother's Day & Father's Day Marketing

Call them hallmark holidays all you want, but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations tend to be gift-giving affairs. For marketers, this means people are going to buy your stuff — if you come up with a stellar campaign. But the secret to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day marketing is not mentioning Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in your email subject line. Yes, really — you don’t need to be that explicit when appealing to the gift-giver. Persado analyzed the top performing subject lines from Mother’s Day & Father’s Day marketing campaigns in the eCommerce and retail industries from last year, and some of the best alluded to the holidays without explicitly mentioning them.

The clients also didn’t fall back on oft-used subject lines such as “cashmere throws for mom” and “we have the best gift for dads!” Instead, these top-performing Persado clients placed a greater focus on the emotions surrounding the holidays. Think giving thanks to parents for all they do, and the feeling that your brand will truly help them find the perfect gift. 

To get the most out of your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day marketing, try these five winning emotions:


Final Word: It makes sense that emotions would be king when it comes to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day marketing, rather than holiday names or deals. Persado research has shown that emotional language contributes to about 60% of a consumer’s engagement. That means opens, clicks and — if you play your cards right — conversions. But remember, different strokes for different folks. Every brand and consumer base is different. Though these brands had success evoking these emotions and not mentioning the holiday, your audience may see stellar results using different words. That’s why it’s important to experiment with different language and formats to find out what really resonates with your audience.