The New Marketing Insights and Analytics


A/B testing has been outdated for a while. For more than six years, Persado has been giving clients analytics from multivariant experiments on which words, phrases and emotions work best with their audiences — we’ve even been able to show brands exactly which emojis are most engaging for them. But our machine is always learning and evolving. In September we announced narrative intelligence, which is AI that speaks brands’ voices and tells their stories, and as of Feb. 12, Descriptive Insights are a part of our suite.

These insights go beyond just showing CMOs and their teams outcomes. Instead, marketers, CEOs and sales teams now have access to unmatched analytics on how and why specific words and phrases related to product classifications, promotions and offers impact marketing campaign performance. Ultimately, Descriptive Insights, gleaned from a knowledge base of more than 1 million tagged and scored marketing words, phrases and images, empower them to use science instead of guesswork to craft creative. They can see beyond campaign-level results and get a 360-degree view of the impact of language across audiences, channels and industries throughout the customer journey.  

Consider this your guide to the new era of marketing insights and analytics. 

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Descriptive Insights 

Examples of how Descriptive Insights can be applied across creative, media and industries include:

Retail and E-commerce: Understand whether audiences respond better to discount percentages (% off), offer amounts ($ off), or value-focused descriptions (great deal).
Technology: Discover if focusing on the product sophistication (award-winning, advanced, next-level software) is more effective than focusing on the user experience (easy-to-use, user-friendly, interactive software).
Fashion: Determine which characteristics of different garments (material, pattern, color, style, et al.) are more alluring to shoppers.
Financial Services: Explore whether messages with specific instructions (get started here) or those that highlight specific features and perks (earn more miles) drive more credit card applications.
Travel & Hospitality: Know whether travelers are more likely to respond to messages that highlight the value-for-money (affordable rates, cheap rooms, low fares) or ones that focus on their experience (exciting destinations, stunning views, fun activities). 

Descriptive Insights are one key part of Persado Analytics, an umbrella of performance metrics which gives customers a critical look at how a variety of variables affect success. In addition to looking at these insights, CMOs and their teams should also be looking at the following aspects of their campaigns to win every moment and get the most ROI on their marketing creative:

Performance reports on emotion, descriptions and formatting: If a brand uses the precise emotional appeal with an audience but botches the description or formatting, the engagement and revenue can be dramatically impacted. AI uses mathematical analysis to predict and supercharge the most effective elements of a particular campaign for a particular channel when speaking to a particular audience. 

Engagement trends over time: It can be tempting to continue to push something that’s been working for months. The audience loves it, right? But what if they’re getting sick of it and are craving something else in this very moment? Instead of finding that out too late, Persado Analytics shows marketers how audience interests evolve over time so they can apply those learnings to their next campaign. 


Language contribution reports: It’s essential to understand the parts of a campaign that customers care about most. Maybe it’s the call-to-action, emotion or description. This knowledge allows marketing leaders and their teams to become even more customer-obsessed, which will increase short-term engagement, lifetime value and long-term brand loyalty.

Insight breakdowns: Get granular and geek out on analytics — it’s the Year of Data, after all. Using Persado Analytics, brands can view insights broken down by specific campaigns, audiences and channels, giving them a full view of what’s working, what’s not, where, with whom, why and how. Having this information at their fingertips will help them make informed decisions on future creative for campaigns as well as provide visibility to the sales team, CFO and CEO into the impact of marketing on the business.