Free Yourself of Outdated Marketing Strategies (and What to Do Instead)

Think people can’t tell when you’re falling back on old clichés like “Don’t Miss!” or “Learn More!”? Think again. A recent Forrester study found that only 8% of customers rate themselves as “very satisfied” with promotional emails. Customers are craving personalized, interactive content. They want to feel like they’re talking to a useful friend who truly knows them when they receive a marketing email. Same goes for marketing web pages — content that is customized, catchy and creative yields much better results than a call to action that tells them to “Buy Now!” Break free of these old-school marketing strategies and create digital marketing campaigns that pop using our new-era insights.

Overused CTAs

Calls to action, which prompt a consumer to do something specific like purchase or fill out a form, are crucial in the customer journey. They drive 40% of the contribution to clicks in email bodies and nearly 50% of response rates for web pages. “Learn more” and “Buy today” are so overused that they essentially blend into the rest of the marketing copy. Persado VP of Campaign Management Kat Dessenon loved the CTA “Get all the deals” in a recent email body from Scott’s Cheap Flights, a brand that finds the best deals on air travel for subscribers. Persado Solutions Consultant Grace Fisher, who helps marketers develop data-backed strategies for web pages, gave a thumbs-up to fashion brand Stitch Fix’s CTA “Take a style quiz” for its engaging, personal nature.   

Being Anti-Social 

This one isn’t about building a social media presence (which, in case you’ve been living under a rock, your brand should have). It’s about showing social proof, which can come in the form of a press clipping or even user-generated content. Because here’s the thing: Your customers know you think you’re great. No one expects to come to a website and read any negative marketing copy from a brand. Gain the trust of your customers by showing how people just like them enjoyed your products or services. For example, a travel & hospitality company might ask customers to submit photos of themselves at their resorts and use the best ones on their website. Fashion and accessories brands can showcase people sporting their products in real life. Bonus points if you add a quote or two from them about their awesome experiences with your brand. 

Ringing the Alarm 

Telling customers it’s their “last chance for a great BOGO deal!” sounds like a surefire way to get a quick conversion, but Persado research has shown it’s a major turn-off. Of Persado’s 15 emotions, Urgency perennially ranks in the bottom third for email subject lines. Instead, opt for Achievement (“Score! You totally earned these shoes!”) in your subject lines. Achievement is also a big winner on web pages, as is Fascination. Try out “Uncover these hidden destinations…”