6 Persado Client Stories That Continue to Motivate Us

12-12 is a big day around here, and not just because of synchronicity — it’s our sixth birthday. Since our founding on 12-12-12, we’ve revolutionized the way marketing content is created by applying data and machine learning, not guesswork, to produce jaw-dropping results. We’ve been proud to deliver content to the world’s leading and emerging brands, helping marketers drive meaningful results and strengthen customer relationships. And we consider their successes our greatest success. It keeps us motivated and striving to do more — like introducing Narrative Intelligence to give brands AI that speaks their voice and tells their story — and pushing the envelope to create a seamless, consistent and multi-channel customer journey. And their stories, such as the ones these six clients told us, only drive us harder. 

Tech Retailer: Adorama

“In an often disconnected digital world, we wanted to stand out and create a personal human connection. Persado was the tool that enabled us to empower that personal connection—an emotional connection to people who are more than just an email address.”
- Isaac Hyman, Senior Manager of Email Marketing & Retention 
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Clothing Retailer: Gap, Inc. 

“We...leverage tools like Persado...for any associated headlines and descriptions. We started by utilizing them for email subject lines and have expanded the use of this tool to other channels, including personalized messaging in select use cases on our own websites.” 
- Noam Paransky, Senior Vice President, Digital at Gap Inc. to Forbes
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Computer Technology Company: Dell, Inc. 

“From day one, Persado has consistently delivered high performance that impacts both engagement and bottom line. Persado has not only delivered results but changed the way we think about language.” 
- Brant Gonzalez, Director of Consumer Marketing

Telecommunications: Vodafone Italy

“We understand how very subtle differences in messaging can strongly influence engagement, so finding the right message for each campaign and audience with testing and data became a priority. Since we started working together in 2012, Persado has helped us land the precise message for many of our SMS and push campaigns, powering a 42% lift in conversion rates on average.”
- Andrea Duilio, Consumer Digital Director

Technology Company: Microsoft 

“The combined power of Movable Ink and Persado help to serve our audiences’ messages that connect on a personal and emotional level. Persado and Movable Ink are making it easy to bring data-driven language to the forefront of marketing automation.” 
- Carrie Gouldin, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
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Caesars Entertainment

“Persado has been working with Caesars to generate the specific language and emotions to best resonate with its audience. From there, Caesars has been able to seamlessly deliver highly personalized messages through Salesforce Marketing Cloud to its customers. Through its work with Persado, Caesars has seen a more than 12 percent increase in email open rates and a 24 percent lift in click-through rates.”
- Tonya Carpenter, Director of Email Marketing
Persado seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to put AI at marketers’ fingertips. Be next.

Thank you to these clients and all we’ve had the pleasure of working with this year. If you’re interested in working with us, please fill out the form below.