And Now For Something (Not) Completely Different

Blimey! Persado Go is getting posh!

Persado Go was originally a very North American technology. We’ve now set sail for the Old World by launching a new language database of the Queen’s English.

This was trickier than it may sound.

We didn’t just add an assortment of vowels to words like “favorite” or “color.”

We didn’t just remove the letter H from “hello.”

And we didn’t just add “understated” and “sarcastic” to our Wheel of Emotions. (We didn’t actually do that.)

There are thousands of changes from our US to our UK databases, starting with some of the most obvious Americanisms like “awesome,” hell yeah,” and “you’ve lucked out,” instead opting for the more subtle “oh my,”outstanding,” and “lovely stuff.”

In the US, “cheers” is just a bar where everybody knows your name. In the UK it’s a rather friendly expression of gratitude. And “jammy,” in the US, is a way to describe a summery red wine, whereas in the UK it describes a quite fortunate person.

We’ve rearranged dates, converted bagels to Victoria sponge, and started measuring the subject line length in a mixture of pints, litres, and cups of tea.

All in all, we believe you’ll find the whole software platform very much like bunting in a marquee in a field on a sunny (or rainy!) afternoon.

Try out our entirely non-cognitive interactive American to British translator!