Persado Partner Spotlight: Listrak

persado listrak partnership

“All subject lines are not created equal.” - Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak

Customer insights are game-changers when it comes to meeting email marketing KPIs and developing brand loyalty. As a marketer, it’s essential you know who you are emailing and how they want to be spoken to. In April, Listrak and Persado announced a new strategic partnership that made gaining these insights as simple as selecting something on a drop-down menu (literally). Listrak Strategic Partnerships Manager Rachel Clark gave a primer on the partnership and discussed ways to personalize content to inspire engagement with your audience. 

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Tell us a bit about Listrak and how it helps brands serve their customers. 
Rachel Clark: 
Since 1999, Listrak has been at the forefront of digital marketing automation with world-class software, solutions and services. Today – almost two decades later – the Listrak platform has a comprehensive set of automation and CRM solutions that help its customers develop strategies and personalized interactions to reach, engage and convert – regardless of the source, channel or device. Listrak serves more than 1,000 clients and works with leading brands. The company maintains offices in Lititz, Pennsylvania and Newport Beach, California.

What differentiates Listrak among ESPs?
What differentiates Listrak is what we call “AI Squared.” We combine artificial intelligence, self-learning predictive algorithms and actionable analytics with the actual human intelligence, experience and expertise of our strategists. This combination produces automated advanced segmentation, predictive content and optimized customer interactions. On the service side, Listrak has earned a world-class Net Promoter Score of 80 – the highest of any vendor in our space. This reflects our customers’ willingness to recommend our products and services to others.

There are tons of AI platforms out there. Why did you decide to team up with Persado?
Listrak and Persado share the philosophy that personalizing the customer experience is key. 

How will brands benefit from this partnership?
Combining Persado’s AI-powered technology to generate specific words and emotions that resonate with any given audience with Listrak’s leading marketing automation and analytics platform will allow marketers to connect their customers with the products they love, using the language that is most relevant to them. The result is increased engagement and increased ROI.

Both Persado and Listrak are huge on personalization. What are key do's and don'ts of effective personalization?
RC: Do:

Segment your messaging by the type of audience you’re speaking to.
Utilize customer data (name, geography, Send Time Optimization) to your advantage. You can place customer’s names in the subject lines of emails or within the messages themselves.
Create a seamless experience for your customers by leveraging customer data to serve up relevant product recommendations that fit their preferences.
Personalize the content experience to the audience in order to speak to them effectively.
Clean your list frequently to maintain the most active and engaged audiences.


Send the same content to your entire audience repeatedly.
Send messages at the same time of the day to your entire audience.
Utilize customer data if it is inaccurate or not cleanly.
Promote the same offer with every marketing send.

How can people who are currently Persado clients get to know Listrak and vise versa?
RC: Listrak shares its thought leadership through an array of free resources, including white papers, guides, webinars and the company blog. We’re also active at major trade shows and smaller, targeted events. We’d also encourage you to check out our social channels and of course, our website For more information on Persado, Listrak clients can contact their account manager or reach out to the partnership team at Persado at You can also find Persado on social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) and online at