Persado Partner Spotlight: Movable Ink

Email marketers are expected to deliver personalized customer experiences, and for good reason: 78% of U.S. adults have chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that has personalized an experience or service online, according to an October 2017 report by Forrester Research, Vendor Landscape: Personalization Solution Providers, Q3 2017,

This week, Persado announced a partnership with Movable Ink that will help email marketers exceed customer and C-Suite expectations. By combining Persado’s AI-powered solution for generating the specific words and emotions that resonate with a given audience with Movable Ink’s real-time testing and optimization, email marketers can automatically generate and deploy the best-performing content every time for every customer.

To help email marketers get to know the coolest thing that’s happened to them since AI, Persado spoke with Movable Ink about the invaluable aspects of the partnership and how interested people can make the most out of it.

Tell us a bit about Movable Ink and the value it provides to customers.

Movable Ink lets email marketers deliver jaw-dropping customer experiences. As the leading provider of real-time email personalization through our intelligent content platform, we enable marketers to drive performance through revenue and loyalty, improve marketing productivity and differentiate through compelling customer experiences.

Our platform helps marketers overcome limitations and break bottlenecks using strategies such as loyalty and data visualizations, contextual and behavioral marketing, and real-time pricing and inventory. By bringing richer content experiences to their end customers at every marketing touchpoint, our clients have the power to to drive better performance, more clicks and conversions, and stay relevant in the inbox. 

There are tons of AI companies out there. Why did Movable Ink decide to partner with Persado?

persado movable ink partnership

Movable Ink is on a mission to partner with the most prominent and innovative technology companies to push boundaries and provide broad applications that any brand can benefit from. 

With Persado, the partnership was a natural fit. The technology complements us so well in helping our clients better engage their audiences and move the needle. When we saw the strong results our joint clients experienced using our technologies, we knew we had struck gold. We’re able to enhance the ability to provide incremental value to existing clients, and maximize the availability and accessibility of our platform in the marketplace.

Persado is one of the most impactful solutions out there, and working with their fantastic team makes us even more excited to get the partnership off the ground.

What will customers gain from the Movable Ink-Persado partnership?

Together, we make it easier to generate and test personalized content that performs better. Customers will be able to execute better personalization using precise language, emotion, and relevance to drive action and increase open rates using Persado-generated subject lines and Movable Ink-powered campaigns.

Automation is key to our partnership — by leveraging Movable Ink to serve Persado-generated content variants, set-up time decreases and it’s easier than ever to use email body testing. We provide an industry-first integrated dynamic content solution, combining Persado content creation with Movable Ink’s dynamic content serving, significantly outperforming traditional testing approaches.

How can current clients of Movable Ink sign up for Persado and vice versa?

For Movable Ink clients who would like to learn more about Persado, they can reach out to their account managers for more information. Same for Persado clients hoping to learn more about Movable Ink. 

How can people who aren't using either service but are interested in signing up get in touch?

Those who are interested can contact our partnerships teams at or We’d love to hear from you!