After Party: Insights From Movable Ink’s Think Summit 2018

New York is known for innovation, creativity and making pie-in-the-sky ideas a reality. “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere,” Frank Sinatra once crooned. Some of the smartest, most innovative minds made it to Gotham Hall on Oct. 2-3 for Movable Ink’s annual Think Summit. They converged to shed light on everything from email marketing best practices to innovative solutions for personalizing campaigns to better reach an audience. 

As a preferred partner of Movable Ink, our Vice President of Marketing, Dan Gingiss, delivered a keynote that spoke to what’s new, now and next in marketing and how AI can take campaigns from “meh” to magnificent. 


Think Summit Takeaway #1: Words Matter

movable ink persado think summit 2018


Marketers expend human and financial resources to get the right customer the right product at the right time. But what they often overlook is the most important part — the right message. That’s where Persado comes in. Persado research has shown that emotions drive more than 60% of consumer response. Think Achievement (“You deserve this head-turning dress”) and Exclusivity (“You’re on the list for sweet sneaks!”). 

Use the Right Emotions

Emotional language is important, but you’d be surprised how many companies aren’t harnessing this critical piece of the puzzle correctly. How many times have you received an email that sounded something like: “LAST CHANCE: DEALS ON DRESSES END TONIGHT!” That’s Urgency, and it’s one of the lowest-performing emotions. When customers see it from so many brands every day, it becomes white noise and usually goes unopened. As we approach Black Friday, let this chart be your guide to polishing your campaigns.

persado black friday marketing think summit

For more insights on Black Friday campaigns, take a look at this blog for the US and this blog for the UK

Making the Case

Microsoft, a Persado client since early 2015, came to Persado looking to optimize content and drive engagement with existing members and increase new member acquisition. 

microsoft persado ai think summit

For such an impactful campaign, Microsoft was pleased to see improved awareness of the revamped program, increased engagement from users and actionable insights that could support the broader program. Thrilled by the results, Microsoft continues to surpass goals under the new integration with Movable Ink. 
microsoft persado ai think summit

In another case study, technology juggernaut Dell turned to Persado for help putting together a “Cyber Week” in July. It was largely a promotional campaign aimed at their current customer audience. Persado’s AI generated multiple subject lines and email bodies and ran experiments to a sample audience, then generated a new subject line and email body using the top content from the experiment. The campaign was a major success for Dell.

And though the results speak for themselves, we think Brant Gonzalez Director, Consumer Marketing at Dell said it even better.

Easy Integration

If you are a brand that uses Persado or Movable Ink, adding the other to your tech stack is simple. The two seamlessly combine and act as a one-two punch for brands looking to use humanized language, a data-driven approach and real-time analytics.

To get more insights from Persado and Movable Ink, download this eBook and learn how emotional language can bring marketing campaigns to life.