5 Sessions to Attend at Shoptalk 2019

Shoptalk will once again be the talk of the town when the conference hits Las Vegas March 3-6. The event will bring together top professionals from all of retail to not only discuss, but create the future of the industry. Expect in-depth conversations on data, analytics and applying math and science to creative and customer journeys from the likes of Gap Inc. President and CEO Art Peck and Persado Co-Founder Assaf Baciu. These five sessions are ones to put on your Shoptalk 2019 agenda.  

(Note: All times local to Las Vegas. For a full agenda, click here. For information on how to meet and mingle with Persado, click here.)

Monday, March 4

Session: Artificial Emotional Intelligence
Speakers: Russell Scherwin, Chief Marketing Officer, Watson Commerce, IBM; Assaf Baciu, Co-Founder, SVP Product & Engineering, Persado; Keren Zimmerman, Co-Founder & President, North America, Personali; May Habib, Co-Founder & CEO, Qordoba
Time: 2:50-3:30 p.m.
Place: Track Room 5
Why attend: Get a cutting-edge look at what Artificial Intelligence can do to elicit or gauge human emotion. Moreover, Baciu will discuss how AI has become a necessary piece to the creative process — and why that’s actually a good thing for CMOs and their teams. 

Session: Track Keynote: Next Generation Shopping Experiences
Speakers: Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, CEO, Emaar Malls; Stephen Sadove, Founding Partner, JW Levin Management Partners (Interviewer); Maureen Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer, Rent the Runway; Ian Friedman, Co-Head, Goldman Sachs Investment Partners (Interviewer)
Time: 3:35-4:15 p.m.
Place: Track Room 1
Why attend: Customers are craving exceptional retail experiences, and forward-thinking brands have been putting their ideas into action in all corners of the globe. Think experiential retail stories, seamlessly blended digital and physical environments and innovative shopping centers. Leaders from top global retail organizations will highlight some of the groundbreaking concepts they have developed and present examples of the future of shopping.    

Session: Keynote: Art Peck, President & CEO, Gap Inc. 
Time: 4:50-5:10 p.m.
Place: General Session Room
Why attend: In 14 years with Gap Inc., Art Peck has held senior leadership positions across every area of the company, including leading Gap North America, the Outlet division and the Growth, Innovation and Digital division. Peck has made his mark to champion that Gap Inc. does more than sell clothes, and has taken steps to ensure this is a reality. He played an integral role in Gap’s partnership with Product (RED) in 2006, which donated a portion of sales to HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa and was a key supporter of the company’s decision to raise the minimum wage for U.S. employees. Peck continues to prioritize his stewardship of the company’s values, especially around inclusivity and diversity. His vast experience at one of the top global brands, as well as his unique perspectives on social responsibility, will likely raise interesting points about what brands can do internally and externally to be socially responsible, in addition to meeting the requisite sales numbers. 

Tuesday, March 5

Session: Case Studies in the Next Generation of Personalized Marketing
Speakers: Guido Campello, CEO – Creative Director, Cosabella; Mike Lackman, CEO, Trade Coffee; Rishi Garg, Partner, Mayfield (Interviewer)
Time: 10-10:40 a.m.
Place: Track Room 4
Why attend: Brand marketing strategies have always required a tradeoff between mass reach and a focus on specific audience segments. Digital marketing has changed the economics of the reach vs. precision trade-off, unlocking marketers’ ability to target shoppers more granularly—using both their own internal customer databases as well as third-party data. Succeeding at personalized marketing requires mastering the many sources of data available, both to target messages and to make the messages themselves deeply relevant and engaging. This session will feature three brands that have adopted sophisticated approaches to personalized marketing.

Wednesday, March 6

Session: Customer Data and Brand-Building
Speakers: Edward Park, SVP of North America, GUESS? Inc.; Tami Mohney, EVP, Marketing, eCommerce and Human Resources, Modell's Sporting Goods; Sarah Engel, VP, Marketing & Creative Communications, Lilly Pulitzer; Brendan Witcher, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research (Interviewer)
Time: 10-10:40 a.m.
Place: Track Room 4
Why attend: Creating seamless, worthwhile customer experiences require a combination of science and art. Brands are getting smarter about how both online and offline shoppers interact with their products and their stores. In this session, senior leaders at retail brands will discuss how they are collecting, analyzing and developing insights from customer data to create more engaging new experiences for shoppers.