President Donald Trump: Positive, Safe, and Inclusive?

Whatever you might think of his prowess as President, it’s hard to deny that Donald Trump has a knack for marketing. He has successfully marketed and sold his unique brand of politics through communication that compels billions to listen and inspires millions to act; something marketers aspire to every day on a myriad of channels — from email messages to the “unpresidented” stomping ground of Twitter.

Behind the power of the President’s rhetoric, according to a new analysis by Persado, is a focused understanding of his target audience, their emotional triggers, and their aspirations. Persado’s linguistic experts and data scientists performed the study using the company’s extensive database of marketing language tagged via a unique classification of emotions, along with the NRC Word-Emotion Association Lexicon. The result quantifies the content, tone, and emotion of 98 of Trump’s Presidential speeches and other official remarks, beginning with his inauguration speech (01/20/17) and ending with his 100th day as President (04/29/17).

“Our goal was to demonstrate, using Trump as an example, that there’s data behind the rallying power of emotionally charged language,” said Dr. Matthew Bower, Content Director at Persado, who led the analysis. “On a larger scale, our findings give marketers insight into the role language plays in engaging customers and in creating brand advocates.” Dr. Bower also clarified that the analysis’ intent was “neither to gauge the public’s response nor to provide a causal explanation for the 2016 election, something many minds of our time are still working out.”

Trump has a way with words—“the best words,” even. In examining 92,780 of those words, belonging to 7,592 sentences with an average of 2.25 words per sentence and 1.54 syllables per word, as well as 366 questions posed, Persado discovered the following about Trump as a president, communicator, and marketer.