The Hottest Marketing Insights for Summer Promotions


Summer brings warm weather, beach days and – if you're lucky – select Fridays off and upticks in sales. But the distractions – vacations, days spent with toes in the sand – can cause people to unplug. In other words, there's no such thing as a lazy summer day in email marketing, but the living can be a little easier. Persado analyzed emails in the Retail, eCommerce, Travel and Hospitality industries from May to August 2017 to find marketing insights for summer campaigns, and found the subject line words and phrases that yielded opens 90-100% of the time. Try them in your summer marketing campaigns to brighten up performance rates. ☀️


Anxiety alerts the reader about the importance of opening a message. The emotion has surged in recent years and was the top driver of email campaign engagement across North America in 2017. Try:

"PSA: Public Summer Announcement"

"Special summer message."


A perennial winner (no pun intended) in email campaigns, Achievement language praises or rewards a customer for an accomplishment. Use:

"You've earned a vacation" or "You've unlocked summer sun!"


Gratitude expresses knowledge, appreciation or affection in a personal way. 

"A summer thank-you" or "As a thanks for your loyalty, here's a summery treat."


Intimacy addresses or salutes in a formal or informal way, and implies some sort of relationship. Try:

"Welcome to summer" and "Dear summer vacationers."


Safety is meant to eliminate any consumer worries or doubts and make them feel secure. Like:

"It's official, summer's here" or "Warm weather confirmed" or, finally, "You heard correctly: summer's here!"

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